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In this department, HAVERKAMP develops and manufactures highly effective, visually inconspicuous products in the fields of perimeter protection, building security and automotive security, which can be fitted to new buildings and are also suitable for resilient retrofitting.

HAVERKAMP has developed a number of security fence solutions for providing perimeter protection; these are frequently imperceptible to an intruder and reliably signal any attempt at breaching or penetrating a fence or barrier.

HAVERKAMP offers its customers a wide range of building security products in a variety of resistance classes, comprising security and break-in protection films, security windows and doors, add-on window systems, and anti-splinter curtains.

In the automotive field, HAVERKAMP provides vehicle security films for passenger and anti-theft protection.

As a manufacturer with more than 40 years of experience, HAVERKAMP's security solutions made in Germany are in great demand. The following pages tell you more about our products and their protective features, along with references and customer services.

Sicherheitsfolien zum Schutz vor Einbruch und Durchwurf

Security films that protect against break-ins and penetration by thrown objects

Sicherheitszäune AluGARD<sup>®</sup> am Frankfurter Flughafen

AluGARD® security fence at Frankfurt airport

PROFILON<sup>®</sup> ER 1 - sprengwirkungshemmende Sicherheitsfolien

PROFILON® ER 1 – explosion-resistant security film

Autosicherheitsfolie PROFILON<sup>®</sup> AM A1 für alle Fahrzeugtypen

PROFILON® AM A1 automotive security films for all types of vehicles

PQ - VOB - Logo

Prequalification quality label

Azubis - Logo

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HAVERKAMP presents extremely resistant window film for vehicles on the GEPC 2018

Daily product live shows with test bomb blasts and shootings

Police vehicles in Berlin are already retrofitted

The General Police Equipment Exhibition & Conference (GPEC) takes place in Frankfurt during 20th to 22nd February 2018. This anniversary event focusses on internationality and new product innovations. 


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