Sandwich elements with facade sensor

PanelGARD®: Characteristics at a glance

  • Highly sensitive detection elements for integration in sandwich component elements in warehouses
  • To minimise break-ins in logistics warehouses and to prevent significant financial damage from constantly rising  stock values
  • Monitoring system pre-integrated in the building elements to increase the resistance of the building's outer shell
  • Sensor system is able to detect the precise location of an intrusion attempt in warehouses and logistics centres
  • Video surveillance systems can also be integrated in the system
  • Product development in cooperation with HOESCH Bausysteme GmbH

Areas of application

  • Warehouses of production works and logistics companies
  • Warehouse buildings

PanelGARD® also has the additional benefit of being able to detect manoeuvring accidents 

PanelGARD® also offers an additional benefit: it is able to detect any otherwise unnoticed vehicle manoeuvring accidents. Such damage is often left unrepaired due to the expense involved and because the person who caused it cannot be found. As a result, moisture and even small animals are able to penetrate the building, which is then also subject to a high degree of heat loss. PanelGARD® automatically detects such accidents, and any incident is recorded and documented by the video camera. Armed with this evidence, it is then far easier to identify and prosecute the perpetrator.


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The detection system's highly sensitive sensors are integrated in the component sandwich elements during their production. Following an intensive development and test phase, HOESCH Bausysteme GmbH is now able to offer its customers building elements that are incorporated in HAVERKAMP's detection know-how – making it the only security system of its kind in the world.

Such a high level of sensitivity can only be attained by applying a special procedure such as this, with precise placement of the sensors. The system then signals the precise point at which an intrusion is being attempted, at the moment the attempt begins. Using video surveillance, the intrusion attempt can be visualised extremely quickly, allowing intervention forces to be deployed at the earliest possible stage.

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