Transparent sun protection films as part of the solution to current climate challenges:

„Less heat, good UV protection, climate-neutral and a higher shopping experience for our customers“

Peter Hildebrand, managing director of the well-known home textile chain REITER beds & curtains in Austria, is absolutely satisfied. Special sun protection films from HAVERKAMP offer this added value. 



Transparent hygiene protection film | Alternative to acryl glass

Innovative film developer HAVERKAMP places transparent hygiene protection film for many sectors

The film technology company HAVERKAMP is now making a contribution to reduce the risk of infection during sales talks , in reception halls and even open-plan offices.



Securing closed commercial premises in a timely manner: Protect from attempted looting

The corona virus crisis presents our society with many new challenges



Protection against corona viruses: Transparent film curtain for cashier areas and counters

Now available from HAVERKAMP: an easy to apply protection against the transmission of viruses and bacteria for all areas where personal contact is still required.



HAVERKAMP GmbH | Statement COVID-19

We all are in an extraordinary situation that is new to all of us.

The global corona virus pademic relates all of us, our families, our social environment, our way of life and our companies. We would like to inform you how we approach the situation at HAVERKAMP at the moment and what our cooperation in the next few weeks will probably  look like.



THAT'S NEW: A transparent, self-tinting sun protection film

HAVERKAMP Dynamic: For windows and glass facades

From the end of August 2019 you will receive the first HAVERKAMP sun protection film from us, which tints itself when exposed to the sun and brightens again when exposed to less sunlight. So far, this effect has been known from self-tinting sunglasses. We use this effect for a new generation of sun protection films.



OPALFILM® Liquid Pearl: Small pearls - Great effect

Sun protection coating for roof domes facilitates warehouse logistics and supports a better indoor climate in sports and work halls



High efficiency with a security film

HAVERKAMP launches security film for internal coating in P4A -strength 

It is extremely resistant, is installed exclusively on the inside, offers optimum protection against burglary, vandalism and attacks with incendiary devices and its effectiveness has been confirmed by the TÜV Rheinland in practical tests in accordance with DIN EN 356 A



Electrochromic film for switchable privacy protection: Out now!

One of the new products that HAVERKAMP is presenting is its first own electrochromic window film.

It is a switchable film designed for use with glass panels to provide temporary privacy wherever it is needed, at the touch of a button.



World’s leading security fair: Security 2018

HAVERKAMP presents its current developments: Latest generation of security films – Lightweight armouring for vehicles – Perimeter protection products

This year’s edition of the leading civil security fair – the Security 2018 – will be taking place on 25-28 September 2018 at the modernised exhibition centre in Essen. Naturally, as a German developer of security films and developer of automotive security films using the dry-laminating process, HAVERKAMP’s presence at the fair is a must.

HAVERKAMP will be displaying its recent developments in the field of mechanical building and perimeter security at its stand in Hall 2. Also on show will be the latest generation of the company’s PROFILON® security films, the product of over 40 year experience in the field.



HAVERKAMP at the SicherheitsExpo 2018

New product that enables simple vehicle armouring - on show at the HAVERKAMP booth

Each day with several live product demonstrations  

This year’s edition of the SicherheitsExpo, the specialist exhibition for security technology, takes place in Munich on 27-28 June. Over two days, HAVERKAMP will be informing visitors to its stand of the latest developments in the field of mechanical security for facilities and perimeters. In addition, our security experts will be giving live product demonstrations outside the entrance to Hall 2 twice each day. Windows coated with PROFILON® security film will be exposed to attacks from burglary implements as well as incendiaries and other objects. 



HAVERKAMP receives follow-up order to provide perimeter security at Frankfurt airport

Aluminium alarm fence made by the security experts from Münster wins through once again following an international tender

The security experts from HAVERKAMP in Münster have been awarded the follow-up contract to provide perimeter protection for a further part of Frankfurt airport. In an order worth several million euros, a section of the airport’s perimeter with a total length of around six kilometres will be protected by one of the most modern and effective aluminium security fences in the world.


18.10.2017 – 08.11.2017

First worldwide cooperation for increased bus safety

HAVERKAMP and Zentrale Autoglas make joint presentation at the BUSWORLD in Belgium

Extremely high occupant protection and installation service from a singe source



HAVERKAMP launches world's most highly resistant security film for vehi-cles

Police cars in Berlin already equipped

PROFILON® P3A security film for windows already has a reputation as one of the most highly resistant security films on the market, and the product is in great demand. Now, HAVERKAMP has also launched the film for use in motor vehicles. German ABG certification has been issued.  

'We developed this new film particularly with police, fire fighting, technical relief, and other emergency vehicles in mind, with the aim of enhancing their mobile security. These are all vehicles that are in need of increased protection against stone throwing, incendiary devices and other hazards to which they can they can become exposed during assignments,' explains Ulrich Haverkamp, the company's CEO. 



HAVERKAMP presents its forward-looking new products at the R+T 2015

The sun-protection and film specialists at HAVERKAMP presented several product innovations at the R+T 2015 in Stuttgart, and numerous visitors displayed considerable interest, while trade visitors made the most of the opportunity to gather information not only on the new products but also about the rest of the HAVERKAMP film specialists' product range.

"The trade fair was a resounding success for HAVERKAMP. We conducted many fruitful meetings and we were able to demonstrate our new products to potential customers," said Britta Meier-Schulze Dieckhoff, sales manager for sun protection & film technology at HAVERKAMP.




At the R+T in Stuttgart visitors can experience the latest developments in the OPALFILM® and OPALVARIO® series of products – flexible pleated blind films, transparent sun protection films and printable film curtains.




A healthy room environment as a result of innovative film technologies

For over three decades, the HAVERKAMP group of companies has established itself as one of the market leaders in the field of innovative film technology. The product portfolio of the Münster based global player comprises integrated room environment solutions for both commercial as well as private areas. As a result of the combination of different film systems and high-grade film blinds in order to guard against the sun, ultra violet light, glare and intrusions of privacy, HAVERKAMP is able to create customised, sensational rooms which match the respective needs of the client. In the company’s own research and development area, HAVERKAMP is constantly working on new finishing techniques and system variants. In so doing, HAVERKAMP offers integrated solutions for optimising room environments and for positively organising living and working space, whatever the application.



HAVERKAMP at “Bau 2009”: unobtrusive protection and security solutions for buildings

In the spotlight: Highly effective, yet unobtrusive security and film technologies for buildings and perimeter.

At “Bau 2009”, running from the 12th to 17th January 2009 in Munich, HAVERKAMP will be presenting a wide range of retrofit security technologies, special film solutions and alarmed fencing systems – all grouped together to meet the highest standards: The German company from Münster, a specialist in securing the shells of buildings and perimeters as well as for film technology and the processing of special films, will be demonstrating how efficient protection and effective security are very well in line with architectural aesthetics at Europe's leading trade fair for architecture, materials and systems.



Security films reduce the impacts of the bomb explosion in Oslo

2007, far away from the detonation of the bomb in the gov-ernment district , HAVERKAMP associate Mil Sec installed 15.000 square meters of security film PROFILON® ER1 on the windows of many government buildings in Oslo. Thanks to the explosion resistant high security films, the life- threatening splintering in the densely built-up govern-ment district had been demonstrably reduced and there-fore a much bigger catastrophe have been avoided.



HAVERKAMP sets own course for the “Office of the Future” at the Orgatec 2008

HAVERKAMP at Orgatec 2008 in Cologne from 21 to 25 October:

a foresight to future working environment with a high demand for the presence, as the company announces. “We want to make the office of the future tangible and comprehensible already today”, reveals Ulrich Haverkamp, HAVERKAMP managing director and company’s founder, on the trade fair concept of the film-technology specialists from Münster in Germany. HAVERKAMP contributes its latest further developments of innovative sun protection and acoustic solutions based on its high-tech film systems to the “Better office, higher success”, the overall motto of this year’s fair for the world market of office and facility. “Avoiding the disturbing influences of light and noise without reducing the positive effects to people and work environment“, outlines HAVERKAMP managing director Bernward Altmeppen the concepts of HAVERKAMP for the “office of the future”.



HAVERKAMP: Innovator in film technology and special-film finishing

For three decades, HAVERKAMP GmbH has been known as an innovator in film technology and special-film finishing.

The globally active company located in the Westphalian city of Münster develops films for sun and UV-protection, anti-glare protection, blind films and anti-shatter films – both for private living quarters and for workstations and exhibition areas. HAVERKAMP has developed a complete range of different types of films and blinds types for almost any application. Film systems for special applications such as facade protection (e.g. anti-scratch and anti-graffiti films) and sound absorption films complete the comprehensive product range. In this process, the company combines the applicable statutory requirements with latest scientific findings, as well as state-of-the-art equipment technologies with modern architectural demands.



“We protect governments”

Details from the day-to-day work of HAVERKAMP-safety experts? Strictly confidential. But this much we can tell you: “We protect governments all over the world”, said Ulrich Haverkamp, managing director of HAVERKAMP - a company for security engineering in Münster, Westphalia – giving an example for the exclusivity and sensitivity of its customer base. “Adapting protection systems to a company’s individual and personal requirements and at the same time revealing the customer’s name and details of the concept just don’t go hand-in hand”, said Bernward Altmeppen, likewise managing director of the HAVERKAMP GmbH, explaining his firm’s essential need for discretion.



Girl Future Day HAVERKAMP Girls’ Day 2007

Screwdriver, tape measures, window blind cassette and films; this describes the equipment with which Sandra Vocke and Cigdem Demiroez are equipped for their daily work in the window blind production at HAVERKAMP. The Girls’ Day on 26th April - a surprise for both sides.



HAVERKAMP was present for the first time at the International Defense Exhibition and Conference in Abu Dhabi 2011

IDEX provided HAVERKAMP a unique opportunity to display its impressive range of products and superior integration abilities to defense buyers of the region.



Haverkamp films for blinds B1 certified

The blind film OPALFILM® silver/grey 2R diamond Stabila of the film developer HAVERKAMP from Münster, has been certified with the quality factor B1 according to DIN 4102-01. Thus the blind systems with the HAVERKAMP blind film can be used as build-ing material in the sense of the national building regulations.



HAVERKAMP showcases a turn-key solution for critical infrastructure at IDEX, the largest security and defence fair in the Middle East

For the first time ever, the experts from the HAVERKAMP Group will use the IDEX trade fair as a platform to showcase innovative security concepts for airports, port and industrial sites, military facilities and private homes – everything, in a one stop solution. The HAMS special management system enables customised turnkey solutions.



HAVERKAMP’s focus at the “R+T 2009” trade fair: The aesthetics of function

HAVERKAMP at the “R & T 2009” trade fair, Stuttgart: At the R+T, the international trade fair for roller blinds, gates and sun protection, taking place from 10th to 14th February 2009, the company from Münster/Westphalia, a specialist in film technology and processing special films will be showing how effective protection und efficient security are in line with architectural aesthetics. In addition, HAVERKAMP will be exhibiting a wide range of upgradeable security systems at this fair, as well as special film solutions and sun protection systems. At the same time HAVERKAMP will apply itself entirely to the high aesthetic demands of architects, as well as to the equally high technical demands of professional craftsmen: With highly effective, yet unobtrusive protective and security film solutions for buildings.



HAVERKAMP’s focus at the “Bau 2009” trade fair: The aesthetics of function

HAVERKAMP at the “Bau 2009”trade fair: At Europe’s leading trade fair for architecture, materials and systems, the company from Münster/Westphalia, a specialist in securing the exterior shell of buildings and perimeters, film technology and processing special films, will be showing how effective protection und security is consistent with architectural aesthetics. In addition, HAVERKAMP will be exhibiting a wide range of retrofit security systems at this fair, as well as special film solutions and alarm fence systems. At the same time HAVERKAMP will devote itself entirely to the high aesthetic demands of architects as well as to the equally high technical demands of professional craftsmen: With highly effective, yet unobtrusive security and film solutions for buildings and their exteriors.



HAVERKAMP: Innovator in film technology and the processing of special films

HAVERKAMP – the business division involved in sun protection and film technology: over the past three decades, HAVERKAMP GmbH has developed a reputation as an innovator in film technology and the processing of special films. The international company, based in the Westphalian city of Münster, develops sun and UV protection systems, visors, blinds and anti-splinter – both for private residential use as well as for office workspaces and exhibition spaces. HAVERKAMP has developed a complete range of different films and film curtain systems for almost every application. Film systems for special uses such as facade protection (e.g. anti-vandalism films) as well as films which absorb noise supplement the comprehensive range of products. At the same time, the company links the respective current statutory specifications with the latest scientific findings as well as current technology related to ergonomic workspace fittings with modern architectural requirements.



Clever solution to reduce energy consumption

International research institute confirms energy-saving potential of HAVERKAMP roller blind systems. Energy-saving of up to 20%.



Real-life test in Hotel Innside, Düsseldorf:

Efficiency and cost-saving potential of OPALFILM® ECOLUX films proven under real-life conditions.



“Stiftung Warentest” tests sun protection films

HAVERKAMP bridges gap between heat protection and daylight transmission.

German consumer organisation “Stiftung Warentest” scrutinized sun protection films: Two OPALFILM® types made by HAVERKAMP were among the films tested. The test lab focussed on the question which film would manage to bridge the gap between effective heat protection and a high level of daylight transmission. The test lab’s conclusion recommends sun protection film OPALFILM® Flex N50PX by marking it with “Unser Rat” – “Our Advice”.



HAVERKAMP inspires trade fair visitors at the ISNR with innovative turn-key, and comprehensive security solutions

The ISNR (International Security & National resilience) exhibition held in Abu Dhabi in March saw HAVERKAMP take another step toward further expanding its relationships in the Arab market. The German based company was honored by the visit of His Highness General Sheikh Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Minister of Interior, to its stand which show cased several of its signature technologies in the fields of perimeter controls, blast and bullet protection and integration features such as the HAVERKAMP management software.




HAVERKAMP GmbH and Courtaulds International GmbH will merge from 01. June 2009 to provide ideal support for the market segment WINDOW FILMS with bundled competence.



HAVERKAMP awarded the „Bavarian Security Price 2009“ for alarm energy fence

„Again a thing to further connect Bavaria and Westphalia“ says Bernhard Haverkamp with a smile after receiving another award for the alarm energy fence SolarGARD®. Member of the management board and “chief developer” of the security technology specialist HAVERKAMP from Münster, Bernhard Haverkamp, now accepted the security price 2009 from the “Bayerischen Verband für Sicherheit in der Wirtschaft (BVSW – Bavarian Association for Security in the Economy). Joachim Herrmann, the Bavarian minister of the interior carried out the award ceremony within the scope of the ELTEC 2009, the trade fair for building and information technology.



PROFILON® SD from HAVERKAMP: New film protecting against bugging and data eavesdropping.

The German security and film technology specialist HAVERKAMP gets ready for electronic bugging and eavesdropping as well as attacks involving harmful electromagnetic radiation. A technical development which like a blow: HAVERKAMP integrates patented Signal Defenses® technology in its well-known series of high-security films PROFILON®. Result: Allowing light to pass through, the new PROFILON® SD offers substantial protection against radio frequencies (RF) as well as infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) rays and as such, now increases the effective 'all-round' protection of glass building exteriors against 'invisible' attacks.



HAVERKAMP: Specialists for sophisticated and highly effective security systems in global demand

HAVERKAMP – the business division involved in security systems: From the company’s headquarters in the Westphalian city of Münster, HAVERKAMP has always set new boundaries when it comes to researching and producing its own innovations, particularly in the field of securing building exteriors and perimeters. HAVERKAMP designs and installs its security technology worldwide - either directly or through long-term trained partners. Highly effective yet unobtrusive security systems are the focus of the company and have been for over 25 years. The customer base includes individuals whose security is at risk, celebrities, politicians and business leaders, as well as large corporations, governments and authorities. Throughout the company’s history, medium-sized businesses, retailers and service companies have also come to rely on HAVERKAMP products and innovations.



HAVERKAMP greatly appreciates awarding of “Innovation Oscar” for SolarGARD® alarm energy fence

Premiere for the “Security Innovation Award“,

the first “Innovation Oscar“ of the security sector – and immediately a big success for the security-technology specialists from HAVERKAMP. “A highly motivating award and a new boost for our development work“, Bernhard Haverkamp gladly comments the award he was now able to accept as member of the board and “chief developer“ of HAVERKAMP at the beginning of the 2008“Security trade fair, the international guiding fair for security and fire protection in Essen. HAVERKAMP from the Westphalian city of Münster received the Gold Award “Security & Environment“ for its in-house development of the SolarGARD® alarm energy fence, which in addition can be used for energy collection.



Security 2008: Hardness tests at HAVERKAMP’s “Action Center”

The most practical approach possible: HAVERKAMP is putting this demand, an established one in corporate practice, into action live over the four days of “Security 2008”. The internationally active German safety technology company will thus be exposing its own products and solutions to impressive hardness tests in front of an expert audience at the trade fair from 7 to 10 October 2008.



SolarGARD®: HAVERKAMP develops an innovative and unique alarmed energy fence

A security and alarm fence which can additionally serve the goal of energy recovery: With this technical innovation, the HAVERKAMP security company links extremely reliable and virtually spot-on detection technology with sustainable environmental technology. At the start of October, the newly developed and, up to now, unique SolarGARD® alarmed energy fence will now be presented by its developers for the first time at the world's largest security fair "Security 2008" in Essen.



RadarGARD®: HAVERKAMP sets the intelligent radar ‘trap’ for burglars

A radar ‘trap’ exclusively designed for burglars.

Using the principle of ‘tracking down’ burglars crossing the property boundary, the security technology company ‘HAVERKAMP’ once again takes a spectacular step forward in detection technology. Among other things, this new monitoring system known as RadarGARD® can detect a crawling burglar. This is all made possible by using an innovative radar technology. The system’s coverage can be specified intelligently, precisely and digitally by the software.



How a conference hotel prepares itself for spontaneous presidents:

2nd HAVERKAMP symposium concerning protection from explosive attacks

It was not an easy decision, the task that Dr. John Wyatt issued to the ‘security teams’. “Decide for yourselves, the danger you want to be exposed to”, was the message given to the participants by the renowned British expert for the prevention of bomb at-tacks, whilst the group divided itself up into smaller groups and set themselves the task. At the international symposium “Explosions – consequences and protection” run by HAVERKAMP, the German security systems company, the path that the participants tread follows real-world conditions.



HAVERKAMP will be organizing congress in June 2008 once again, which is reserved for high-carat security specialists

International security specialists will be meeting this summer once again at an extraordinary congress by invitation of the German company HAVERKAMP, after the spectacular premiere last year. This year´s congress is also entitled ‘Explosions – consequences and protection’, which wil certainly contribute to quality once more.



E.ON Ruhrgas AG saves energy: HAVERKAMP reduces the costs of air conditioning for the energy company

Working hand in hand to protect the climate, E.ON Ruhrgas AG in Essen and technical film specialist HAVERKAMP in Münster have now, following a threeyear test phase, implemented a spectacular energysaving project. A project with pilot character, involving the energy optimization of altogether almost 1600 square metres of glass at relatively little expense, while at the same time preserving the appearance of the building and also ensuring compliance with the strict workplace regulations, and in particular those relating to workstations. The film saves a multiple of the energy that is consumed in its production, causing the building industry to prick up its ears.



“Impulse 2008” workshop series: HAVERKAMP presents possibilities for system integration

HAVERKAMP in the “Impulse 2008” expert workshop series: The internationally operating security technology company from Münster supported this year’s series of advice events in Hannover, Hamburg, Leipzig and Berlin.



Willkommen and Welcome: HAVERKAMP with new Internet presence and new dialogue facility for added value

HAVERKAMP, the specialist in the field of security technology and sun protection, now offers fascinating and informative insights into these two areas to people and business throughout the world. Since the start of the year 2008, the technology experts from Münster have given their website a complete makeover, significantly broadening the content and giving their online presence a markedly more international orientation. All the information, both for technology professionals and those who are simply interested, is now available multilingually at www.haverkamp.de.



Ulrich Haverkamp accompanies Minister for Economic Affairs Michael Glos to Saudi-Arabia

Small and medium-sized companies are knocking on Saudi-Arabia’s doors. And among them: the German specialists for security engineering and sun protection systems, HAVERKAMP GmbH from Münster. Ulrich Haverkamp, its managing director has recently returned from a meeting of the Deutsch-Saudische Gemischten Wirtschaftskommission in Riad together with the most prominent of the German travellers being Michael Glos, Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Technology.



HAVERKAMP: Positive outcome of the Security Trade Fair 2006

Amazement and enthusiastic applause – just two of the very many positive reactions which HAVERKAMP GmbH security experts reported back “home” to the headquarters in Münster, Westphalia following the company’s appearance at the Security Trade Fair 2006 The focus of attention at the world’s most significant international trade fair for security engineering and fire-fighting which has just ended was the HAVERKAMP Action Center which, according to HAVERKAMP executive director, Ulrich Haverkamp “again drew the crowds”. Those in the company responsible for setting up the Center saw confirmation of their courage to put the company’s products through real live un-manipulated and unprecedented tests of endurance in front of a total of several thousand visitors to the fair.



MicroGARD sets new standards

World premiere at the Security 2006: at the world’s most important international trade fair for security engineering and fire protection systems, the German security engineering company HAVERKAMP from Münster will be demonstrating exclusively its very latest development – the retreofittable digital fence sensor system MicroGARD. As a further development, MicroGARD makes yet another decisive addition to the long list of advantages: the newly-developed protocol-based hardware and software interfaces can be used in combination with other makes of cameras and management systems.



“Action“ – with a serious background

And action…! Molotov cocktails flying through the air, explosives detonating, pistols firing and break-in tools put into practice – all to provide valuable information at the Security Fair in Essen from 10 to 13 October 2006; even for the experienced professionals “who have seen it all before” . But apart from all the spectacular effects resulting from the impact of fire-accelerants, bullets bursting asunder, or heavy-weight hammers: HAVERKAMP security experts who set off this outdoor action centre every day of the fair are pursuing serious intentions with their demonstrations. Very serious intentions.



Smart Performance

Punctual to the R+T in Stuttgart the HAVERKAMP GmbH presents it`s new product standards within the range of film blinds. The sun protection expert from Münster succeeded in optimizing the functionality and the control comfort of its product and to extend its product range with a new countermove blind.