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The blind film OPALFILM® silver/grey 2R diamond Stabila of the film developer HAVERKAMP from Münster, has been certified with the quality factor B1 according to DIN 4102-01. Thus the blind systems with the HAVERKAMP blind film can be used as build-ing material in the sense of the national building regulations.

Haverkamp films for blinds B1 certified


Research and development has been worthwhile. The HAVERKAMP GmbH has succeeded in developing a film, which meets the high requirements of the safety and employment protection regulations. The excellent values for heat protection and antiglare of the blind film as well as the preservation of view make the OPALFILM® silver/grey for 2R diamond Stabila a suitable product for the equipment of workstations.
Embossing and pleating optimize the hanging
The diamond embossing of the film and also the pleating variation stabila, improve the stability and therefore the hanging behavior of blind films. Furthermore it works against to the deformation of films at extreme heat.
Individual application possibilities
By the use of the OPALFILM® silver/grey 2R diamond Stabila within a blind system now all criteria of the Euro-pean Union monitor guideline are covered. Besides the demanded glare shield, the preservation of view and the adjustability of the systems, now the low flammability can also be provided.

Author: Matthias Cieslak | Silke Gärtner