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Small and medium-sized companies are knocking on Saudi-Arabia’s doors. And among them: the German specialists for security engineering and sun protection systems, HAVERKAMP GmbH from Münster. Ulrich Haverkamp, its managing director has recently returned from a meeting of the Deutsch-Saudische Gemischten Wirtschaftskommission in Riad together with the most prominent of the German travellers being Michael Glos, Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Technology.

Ulrich Haverkamp accompanies Minister for Economic Affairs Michael Glos to Saudi-Arabia


It was in his name that Numov, the Nah- und Mittelostverein orgnaized the business delegation and, as Ulrich Haverkamp can confirm, gave a new direction to the German-Saudi economic relationship. For the first time, representatives came from mainly small and medium-sized companies to make up the official German business delegation to the Near East.
Ulrich Haverkamp came back from his business trip to Riad with a favourably impressed. “Saudi-Arabia is planning very interesting projects”, he explained on his return to the HAVERKAMP headquarters in Münster. “And the kingdom is looking for stronger participation from German enterprises”. One of the projects includes a 900km-long boundary fence between Saudi-Arabia and the Iraq for which HAVERKAMP already has a definite technical solution at hand in the form of digital fencing sensors. “The need for security in Saudi-Arabia has increased immensely, especially after the series of attacks against it in 2003/2004”, explained Ulrich Haverkamp.
One of the people he spoke to in Riad was the President of the Saudi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Sheikh Abdulrahman al-Jaraisy who explained that his country was focalizing strongly of German edge-cutting technology and the expertise of German engineers concerning its current modernization measures. HAVERKAMP has already supplied security engineering for one of the governmental buildings in the desert state.
In the meantime, Ulrich Haverkamp is pleased about the support and confidence coming from the very top. During the trip to Saudi-Arabia, Michael Glos, Federal Minister for Economic Affairs handed over a letter from Germany’s head of state Angela Merkel to King Abdullah in which she suggested that Saudi-Arabia consult German companies regarding investments in their own safety and security.

According to information from the German Ministry for Economic Affairs, business co-operations with Saudi-Arabia have increased strongly in recent years, a fact illustrated in the continuous exchange of goods between the two countries. In this respect, Saudi-Arabia is one of Germany’s leading trade partners in the Arabian world.
German exports there rose in 2005 by 32 per cent, imports by 29 per cent for the same period.

Author: Matthias Cieslak | Silke Gärtner