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HAVERKAMP at the “Bau 2009”trade fair: At Europe’s leading trade fair for architecture, materials and systems, the company from Münster/Westphalia, a specialist in securing the exterior shell of buildings and perimeters, film technology and processing special films, will be showing how effective protection und security is consistent with architectural aesthetics. In addition, HAVERKAMP will be exhibiting a wide range of retrofit security systems at this fair, as well as special film solutions and alarm fence systems. At the same time HAVERKAMP will devote itself entirely to the high aesthetic demands of architects as well as to the equally high technical demands of professional craftsmen: With highly effective, yet unobtrusive security and film solutions for buildings and their exteriors.

HAVERKAMP’s focus at the “Bau 2009” trade fair: The aesthetics of function


Within hall C2, stand 341, HAVERKAMP will set one focus on the technical retrofitting of glass in order to reliably secure facades with comparatively little time and effort − optically neutral and conforming to the current TRAV specifications ('Technischen Regeln für die Verwendung von absturzsichernden Verglasungen'). The company, which develops its own solutions, will also be including the specially laminated protective film for facades PROFILON® FF, which holds the fractured glass together when glass facade sections are suddenly broken and thus prevents the glass from falling down directly.
HAVERKAMP’s remaining highlights at the fair are very much in character of one of the themes promoted by the trade fair organisers, ‘Renovations and modernisation’ as well as the leading 2009 theme, ‘Energy-efficient building’. OPALFILM sun protection films and variable sun protection systems based on film technology of the OPALVARIO® series will also be presented. These are especially compact, perform their function unobtrusively and, at the same time, reduce the energy consumed by air conditioners. On the basis of its innovative film technology, HAVERKAMP even realizes sound-insulation systems which regulate room acoustics. This OPALMICROSORBER® technology will be demonstrated by the company at Munich’s New Trade Fair Centre in January 2009.
One-stop protection of the outer shell of buildings, interior protection as well as building and perimeter security: This optimized concept describes HAVERKAMP at “Bau 2009”. This is on top of the PROFILON® high-security film which, in its different versions, not only provides impact resistance, explosion resistance and splinter retention,but also acts to protect against fire penetration. This is accompanied by additional highlights like HAVERKAMP’s very own alarm fence and perimeter detection systems.

In addition to the highly specialised areas of security systems and securing perimeters, film technology and the processing of special films, the HAVERKAMP group includes Zaun- und Toranlagen GmbH and GS Manufaktur, which specialise in the construction of windows and doors in various safety classes used in historical and listed buildings and in particular, the integration of security technologies.

HAVERKAMP at BAU 2009: stand 341, hall C2