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A healthy room environment as a result of innovative film technologies

For over three decades, the HAVERKAMP group of companies has established itself as one of the market leaders in the field of innovative film technology. The product portfolio of the Münster based global player comprises integrated room environment solutions for both commercial as well as private areas. As a result of the combination of different film systems and high-grade film blinds in order to guard against the sun, ultra violet light, glare and intrusions of privacy, HAVERKAMP is able to create customised, sensational rooms which match the respective needs of the client. In the company’s own research and development area, HAVERKAMP is constantly working on new finishing techniques and system variants. In so doing, HAVERKAMP offers integrated solutions for optimising room environments and for positively organising living and working space, whatever the application.



A healthy room environment as a result of innovative film technologies

At the moment, HAVERKAMP is particularly focussing on the energy efficient film systems that are featured in the ECOLUX series as well as the finishing of roller blind films using pleating and imprint techniques. At the same time, the company reflects current statutory specifications, social trends, architectural requirements and its clients’ need to feel safe and secure.

OPALFILM® film systems

OPALFILM® series film systems ensure all these things: For a healthy room environment, they guard against glare, heat, intrusions of privacy and ultra violet light at the highest level. The range is complemented by functional films which guard against chips, protect facades and absorb sound. As a manufacturing company, HAVERKAMP is able to combine the characteristics of the film depending on the clients’ wishes and requirements and add levels of colour, reflectivity and light transmission. As such, the complete range enables the client to select a film, which individually matches the architecture and facade and also satisfies the highest requirements in terms of quality, functionality and appearance. Large concerns (e.g. E.ON Ruhrgas AG), medium-sized companies (e.g. Staas- und Müllerland-Möbelhäuser) and the proprietors of listed buildings, museums, small offices and private homes have all fallen back on the company’s products and years of experience.

Even transparent protection against the sun is possible – This is demonstrated by the latest film from HAVERKAMP. With a very high level of transparency, this film offers powerful protection against heat and ultra violet light. This effect is achieved by using the latest technolo-gies in film production. The film can be installed in all places where effective protection against the sun is required without shading.

As Ulrich Haverkamp, proprietor and Managing Director states,“Our aim and concern is to create integrated and harmonised room solutions which, not only promote health and well-being, but are also able to be customised”. “This integrated approach applies both to office space, exhibition areas, industrial halls as well as for private, residential areas. With our products, we want to create a climate of well-being in all places where people are”.

OPALVARIO®- Interior sun protection systems with a sense of well-being

Apart from flat pane films and films for use in variable systems, HAVERKAMP offers its customers variable pro-tection systems against the sun in the OPALVARIO® se-ries for building interiors. At the same time, the company falls back on its decades of experience in film technology and room design and integrates its technically developed film systems as hung systems with variable functionality and design. The OPALVARIO® systems are available in different embodiments, e.g. as a puristic vertical blind, a practical counter draw roller blind or as modern pleating – with or without electrical assistance.

All systems can be combined with a multitude of hung films and meet the requirements of variable shading, im-proved heat insulation, intrusions of privacy and high-class design – comfortable to live with, decorative and energy saving. The systems allow different sunray intensities, daylight projections and darker shades depending on the materials that are selected. This makes for customised living spaces that provide a sense of comfort.

In addition to the systems’ wide ranging functionality, there is also a high standard of interior design. Various embossing techniques and finishes (e.g. pleating or im-printing) have been used to round off the OPALVARIO® series as an individual design element for all types of living / working spaces.

The various room environment solutions are available from the company‘s global network of stockists which, apart from integrated consultancy, also work to ensure professional installation of the systems.