Maintaining transparency while enjoying considerable savings in energy: a simple matter with HAVERKAMP sun-protection films and variable systems. OPALFILM® and OPALVARIO® products are employed to prevent rooms from undergoing rapid and excessive warming.

The advantages of this include the following:

  • Reduction in the cooling load on air-conditioning systems
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Improvement in the building's CO2 balance
  • Improvement in indoor climate
  • Enhanced living and working comfort
  • Maintenance of employees' performance levels
  • Rapid and cost-effective refitting
  • Short-term amortisation period for your investment
  • No structural modifications necessary

Download the HAVERKAMP Ecolux brochure here.

OPALFILM® sun-protection films and OPALVARIO® variable blind systems can reduce heating costs considerably. Special-purpose aluminised films can increase the energy balance of windows with a standard insulation value of 1.1 by up to twenty percent. And in older windows with a lower insulation value, sun-protection films and variable system film blinds can achieve an even greater energy saving.

Because the quality of the climate outside closed rooms is also important, HAVERKAMP special-function films and sun-protection systems also help you save energy and reduce CO2 emissions at their source. Naturally, environmentally-aware production is long-since rooted in the HAVERKAMP corporate philosophy.