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PDLC technology
Flexible visual protection
Usable as advertising space

Flexible privacy screen with smart windows film for glass

This innovative technology inspires! Your glass becomes intelligent - turn your glass into smart glass!

With ClickFilm®, HAVERKAMP has developed a product that enables frosted privacy protection from transparent glass surfaces at the touch of a button. The milky and transparent switchable ClickFilm® works with a polymer dispersed liquid crystal interlayer (PDLC). In the frosted state, the electrically switchable film can be used as a projection or advertising surface. Thus, premises can be used for a wide variety of purposes: flexible, versatile and spontaneous! The switchable film from HAVERKAMP is available as an interlayer film for the glass composite or as a window film for retrofitting the glass. So a replacement with electrochromic glass is not necessary and saves costs!

Use HAVERKAMP ClickFilm® smart

Projection surface
Projection surface

Creating presentation areas with smart technology at the touch of a button

Advertising space
Advertising space

Digital display area for variable advertising design

Privacy screen
Privacy screen

Exquisite privacy functions
for every need

HAVERKAMP smart windows film at a glance


  • Flexibly create privacy or open atmosphere
  • Smartglass- suitable as a projection surface for beamers
  • Control by button or app
  • In the color variant white, optionally also in gray
  • Can be retrofitted on all flat glass surfaces
  • Currentless frosted (visual protection), transparent when current is supplied
  • Very low power consumption
  • Available as roll material
  • Up to 1800 mm width possible
  • Also for the Automotive sector
  • Integrated UV filter
  • Silicone adhesive



Low switching time

Segment switching

Dynamic privacy

High light transmission

PDLC technology

Areas of application of the smart windows film ClickFilm®

  • Offices
  • Meeting and conference rooms
  • Automotive sector
  • Event rooms
  • Exhibition stand construction
  • Interior design
  • Medical practices
  • Shop windows / stores
  • Gastronomy / Hotel
  • Laboratory
  • Gyms
  • private area

Variants of the smart windows film HAVERKAMP ClickFilm®.


white matt medium gray matt dark gray matt


full circuit segment switching dimmable

Using HAVERKAMP ClickFilm® as a projection surface

The switchable film turns a glass partition into a projection surface with an optimal sharp image. Due to the white color variant, the film can be ideally used as a projection surface for photos or beamer projections in meeting and presentation rooms.

The technology of HAVERKAMP ClickFilm®

Over 2 million switching operations possible

The effect of the switchable privacy screen HAVERKAMP ClickFilm® is created with electricity. As soon as the power voltage (60-65V AC) is switched on via remote control or app, the film is transparent. A transformer drives the liquid crystal polymers in the middle layer of the film. The power supply causes the crystals to stand up straight. This is how the transparency of the smart windows film ClickFilm® is created. If the control or power supply is missing, the polymers are not aligned and a visual barrier is created..

In addition to fast switching times < 10 ms, the HAVERKAMP ClickFilm® switchable film has a particularly low haze effect, which allows the film to provide an almost unrestricted view when switched. 
In architecture, the smart film can be used at operating temperatures from -20 to +60 °C and in automotive applications up to +95 °C.
With the HAVERKAMP Controller ClickFilm® the smart film can be switched transparent/opaque, dimmed and partially controlled. The transformer was developed by HAVERKAMP itself and is therefore optimally and uniquely suited for the control of HAVERKAMP ClickFilm®.

Possible applications of HAVERKAMP ClickFilm®

Technical data sheet
Product sheet


HAVERKAMP ClickFilm® convinces with the best optical transparency available on the market.
The light transmission of the white PDLC film is over fantastic 82%. The switching time achieves best values of 150ms from off to on and 210ms from on to off. The optional dimmable film can be switched by remote control or via app. Thus, the intelligent film can be controlled even from a distance. In addition, switching in segments is possible. The glass becomes a tangible surface. The transformer developed by HAVERKAMP is precisely matched to ClickFilm® and ensures low power consumption. ClickFilm® operates faultlessly and is maintenance-free as well as removable without leaving any residue if required. The HAVERKAMP smart windows film is also easy to clean with conventional cleaning agents.

With a switchable film, it is possible to change from opaque to clear and vice versa at the touch of a button. It is suitable for retrofitting on all flat glass surfaces or for lamination in glass and is many times more cost-effective than a complete glass replacement. In addition, the product can be used as a projection surface. HAVERKAMP's smart windows film ClickFilm® is also available for vehicle windows.

HAVERKAMP ClickFilm® for automotive

The matting (= visual protection) is available in the color variant white and gray. The white PDLC film is ideally suited for rear projection via beamer. Also available in dark gray for vehicle windows.

The areas of application are unlimited, as it can be retrofitted as a flat glass film on almost all flat glass surfaces. Thus, a PDLC film can be used as a classic privacy screen and also as a projection screen with a beamer. Classic areas of use are meeting rooms, work areas, retail, in the use of equipment doors such as refrigerators, vehicle windows, business lounges but also private areas such as bedrooms or living rooms.

All HAVERKAMP smart windows films are prefabricated to size before the product is installed. The installation of the smart windows film should be done by trained professional installers, and the power connection should be done by an electrician. You will receive an installation video for this purpose. Alternatively, you can contact a HAVERKAMP partner and purchase the product. To present the film to your customers up close, you can purchase a sample box from us.

Cleaning the smart windows film ClickFilm® is easy, but should only be done with cleaning agents recommended by HAVERKAMP.

Yes, the product provides UV protection of 99% of incoming UV-A and UV-B rays. The UV transmission of our smart windows films is thus < 1 % (300 - 380 nm).

Since each film is made to measure, our customers can choose the side of the cable connection. We always recommend the connection on a long edge. We will be happy to advise you on this!

Yes, this is possible. The smart windows films are mounted at a distance of less than 1 mm. The so-called butt edge must then be sealed, but this is visually very inconspicuous.

The Power Transformers developed by HAVERKAMP are available in different versions depending on the requirements of the glass surface to be switched. Up to 45 m2 of glass surfaces coated with ClickFilm® can be controlled with one Power Transformer from HAVERKAMP.
You can connect several films to one transformer.

Yes, due to a specially developed transformer, a switchable film is also optionally dimmable. Did you know that several switching functions are possible with only one transformer?

No, in order not to restrict the visual appearance, the cables are always covered by a strip.

Since weather conditions can affect the effectiveness of the film, a switchable film must always be installed from the inside. The edge of a film can draw moisture, so unsightly stains can appear.

Due to a special adhesive, all HAVERKAMP films can be dismantled without leaving any residue. You can simply pull the smart windows film off the glass. If adhesive residues should remain on the pane, they can be removed with glass cleaner and a glass scraper. Please note that you cannot use the smart windows film again afterwards.

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