Automobile security

PROFILON® AM A1 is a security film that gives vehicles enhanced protection against smash and grab crime; it is applied to toughened safety glass of the type prescribed for vehicle windows and is thus effective at preventing theft. In conjunction with the domed shape of the glass, this hinders attempts to break into a vehicle. In the event of an accident, the coated glass panel can be easily and completely pressed out of the frame from the inside. 

HAVERKAMP automotive films – areas of application

 Private vehicles all over the world are fitted with PROFILON® AM A1 by HAVERKAMP to protect them against theft (car-napping). As the installation of security films on motor vehicles is subject to legal regulations, only windows from the B column onwards may be fitted with such films (rear doors, side windows and rear window). A special permit may be obtained for persons with enhanced protection requirements. 

 Automotive films are also used by police forces and fire brigades to protect people in the vehicles. The use of PROFILON® AM A1 prevents stones and other projectiles from penetrating the vehicle's interior and injuring passengers.

Further information on PROFILON® AM A1 security film is available here.

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