Security in the automotive sector

More than 40 years of experience in the fields of glass, glass coatings and glass protection are also incorporated into the products in the automotive sector. Changing demands on the security needs of individuals and institutions also require the constant development of new products in this area.

HAVERKAMP has safety films for motor vehicles in various resistance classes in its range. These security films offer protection against breakthroughs, throw-throughs with stones, Molotov cocktails or theft. The coating of the car windows with security film is carried out by machine at the HAVERKAMP factory after individual customer consultation.

In order to provide extended protection for the occupants of emergency vehicles, HAVERKAMP has also developed an extremely resistant laminate of safety glass and film, which can provide proof of bullet resistance in accordance with VPAM.

Further information on our safety products in the automotive sector can be found on the following pages.

Application areas of HAVERKAMP products for motor vehicles

 HAVERKAMP automotive safety films are used worldwide in vehicles to protect occupants from car napping, prevent theft and stop car windows from being thrown through with stones or other projectiles.

Since the installation of the safety film on vehicles is subject to legal regulations, only the vehicle windows from the B pillar onwards (rear doors, side windows, rear window) may be coated with security film. A special permit can be obtained for particularly vulnerable persons or emergency vehicles.

In addition, HAVERKAMP develops products for the occupant protection of police forces, professional fire brigades, the Technical Relief Agency, etc. that have bulletproof protection according to VPAM.