Pprotection against burglary with car security film

Characteristics at a glance

  • Automotive security film that protects against thrown objects, smash and grab theft and vandalism, as well as binding airborne splinters in the event of an accident
  • Mobile security for police vehicles and fire engines, with maximum passenger protection
  • Resistance class attained: A1 pursuant to DIN 52 290, P2A pursuant to EN 356 and UL 972
  • PROFILON ® AM A1 automotive films reduced the penetration of stones or other projectiles into the vehicle interior
  • Automotive films are suitable for original equipment installations ex works or for retrofitting to existing vehicles

Areas of application

  • Private cars
  • Transportation vehicles
  • Police cars
  • Military vehicles
  • Service and transport vehicles
  • Construction vehicles
  • Limousines 




PROFILON® AM A1 automotive security film

PROFILON® AM A1 automotive film is a multi-layer laminated film with a thickness of 360 μ. The retrospective application of PROFILON® AM A1 to vehicle windows reduces the risk of smash and grab theft, vandalism, penetration by thrown objects and other external attacks and narrows the possibility of direct attacks on vehicle passengers. If a windows shatters, PROFILON® AM A1 holds it in the frame, minimising the risk of injury from airborne glass splinters. The coated glass attains resistance class A1 pursuant to DIN 52 290, P2A pursuant to EN 356 and UL 972. PROFILON® AM A1 provides mobile security for police and special vehicles, military vehicles, service, transport and construction vehicles.