First automotive security film in the world with a P3A rating

Characteristics at a glance

  • Automotive security film to protect against smash and grab, vandalism and airborne splinters caused by explosion

  • First automotive security film in the world to be rated P3A pursuant to DIN EN 356

  • To increase the mobile security of police, fire fighters, first-aiders and military

  • For fast retrofitting

  • For original equipment installation directly ex works or for retrofitting to individual vehicles

  • Coating applied exclusively in-house by our specialist personnel

  • ABG-certified / A-pillar possible with special authorization

  • Transparent – maintenance free

Areas of application:

  • Police cars
  • Fire engines
  • Agricultural vehicles
  • Emergency vehicles belonging to aid organizations
  • Military vehicles
  • Emergency and work vehicles used in areas with a high danger level (danger of explosion or attack)





PROFILON® P3A AM automotive security film is a multiple-layer film laminate. Retrofitting vehicle windows with PROFILON® P3A AM serves to reduce direct vehicle assaults and minimizes the risk of injury to passengers to the highest possible degree. The film holds the glass in the frame and provides effective protection against thrown objects, explosives and incendiary devices.

The coated glass attains resistance class P3A pursuant to DIN EN 356 – so far the only such product on the market. The film is resistant to thrown objects and explosion and also has an anti-shatter effect. This makes the film particularly suitable for enhancing the mobile security of police vehicles, fire fighting vehicles, emergency and military vehicles in conflict areas, and work vehicles in areas with a high danger level (danger of explosion or attack).

It is ABG-certified, although the coating of the A-pillar requires special authorization in Germany. Different standards apply in the EU and throughout the world regarding how the A-pillar is equipped. Ask us for more information. We will be happy to help. The installation of PROFILON® P3A AM to car windows is performed exclusively in our factory under clean room conditions.