HAVERKAMP automotive films: rapid retrofitting for a high protection level

  •  PROFILON® AM A1 security film: for fast and efficient retrofitting of private cars, police vehicles, fire engines and transport company vehicles 
  • Protection against thrown objects, theft and the effects of explosive attack
  • PROFILON® AM A1 is a product development of HAVERKAMP, made in Germany, and designed for numerous areas of application 

PROFILON® AM A1 security film from HAVERKAMP is a fast and efficient retrofit solution for private vehicles, police cars, fire engines and service and utility vehicles of transport companies.

The security film is applied to vehicle windows made of toughened security glass (as prescribed for motor vehicle use), where it increases the windows' ability to withstand shattering, whether caused by a road accident or a robbery attempt. It therefore protects both passengers and valuables in the vehicle.

In this way, PROFILON® AM A1 automotive films protect against thrown objects, smash and grab theft, and the effects of explosive attacks, making them of particular interest for police and fire brigade vehicles.

As with the high-performance PROFILON® ER1 security film for buildings, HAVERKAMP automotive film offers a high level of protection against the effects of explosive attacks. It is therefore extremely suitable for police vehicles and fire engines as well as transport vehicles used by logistics or travel companies.

You can find out more about the individual protective functions on the following pages.


Areas of application of HAVERKAMP automotive films

Private vehicles all over the world are fitted with PROFILON® AM A1 by HAVERKAMP to protect them against theft (car-napping).

Automotive films are also used to protect passengers in police and fire vehicles. PROFILON® AM A1 prevents stones and other projectiles from penetrating the vehicle's interior and injuring passengers.