Lightweight vehicle armour - according to VPAM

Characteristics at a glance:

  • Extremely resistant composite of security glass and security film
  • Bullet-resistant according to VPAM 2 and 4, provides protection against penetration and thrown objects 
  • Extremely thin and thus lighter than conventional glass
  • without the use of polycarbonate
  • Developed for the protection of passengers in police buses, emergency vehicles and VIP limousines
  • Highly transparent composite glass-film material: undistorted visibility without the use of polycarbonate
  • Combination of sun and/or visibility protection possible, also with switchable film

Bullet resistance according to VPAM  

  • glas-film material 16mm: bullet resistance according to VPAM 2, ballistics test with 9mm Luger, distance: 5 meters 
  • glas-film material 18mm: bullet resistance according to VPAM 4, ballistics test with .357 Magnum, distance: 5 meters 

Areas of application 

  • Police buses
  • Emergency vehicles
  • VIP limousines