Explosion-resistant anti-splinter curtain

Characteristics at a glance

  • Anti-splinter curtain with explosion-resistant, thrown-object-resistant and splinter-retentive properties.
  • STABAGARD security curtains are made of specially designed metal spirals that have the effect of weakening the energy released by the explosion as well as protecting against glass splinters, stones and incendiary devices.
  • STABAGARD anti-splinter curtains can be installed to any kind of window, and are ideal as an addition to the tried and tested PROFILON® security films.
  • Also suitable for works protection and as a guard for machine tool manufacturing (installation on production lines, etc.).
  • Discreet appearance whatever the style of room.
  • Retrofit solution whose effect has been verified by extensive tests carried out at the Fraunhofer Institute for High Speed Dynamics, the Ernst Mach Institute and the LKA Stuttgart.

Areas of application

  • Window fronts
  • Private homes
  • Hotel rooms
  • Executive floors
  • Military facilities
  • Banks
  • Conference and congress rooms
  • Embassies and government buildings



StabaGARD explosion-resistant anti-splinter curtain

The PROFILON® series of security films are ideal for retrofitting to window fronts to render them compliant with the highest security standards. But what if the frames are not capable of withstanding the shock from an explosive device? This is why HAVERKAMP has developed STABAGARD, a retrofit solution designed especially for use with weak or old window frames. The curtain is made up of specially developed metal spirals, which expand in the event of exposure to a shock wave. This in turn weakens the energy of the explosion. Glass splinters are largely filtered out of the shock wave, and stones or incendiary devices are successfully intercepted.

STABAGARD can be shown to combine explosion-resistant, thrown-object-resistant and splinter-retentive properties and is an ideal addition to the tried and tested PROFILON® security films.

The STABAGARD security curtain can be installed to any window front. Its discreet and unobtrusive appearance makes it an inconspicuous room feature.