Catcher System.

Add-on solution for enhanced explosion resistance

The protection afforded by the HAVERKAMP Catcher System begins where other protective installations on windows and glass panels reach their limits: in the event of a powerful explosion or a bomb attack with an extremely strong attendant blast wave.


HAVERKAMP Catcher System at a glance:

  • High-security solution for protecting persons from strong explosions and extremely heavy blasts
  • Add-on solution to complement the explosion-resistant PROFILON® ER1 security film
  • Consists of a system of steel brackets, wire ropes and clamping devices
  • Catching assembly retains complete glass panels and window frames that become detached in the event of a powerful blast
  • Forces of up to 80 kN can be safely diverted



In the event of a strong explosion, the Catcher System prevents whole glass panels from being dislodged by the blast, detaching themselves from their retention systems/frames, and becoming airborne – and thus a danger to individuals in a room. The cables employed in the Catcher System are designed to catch and retain glass panels or entire windows before they have a chance to penetrate the interior space. The wire ropes have an energy-absorbing effect and divert the forces created by the explosion through the steel brackets and into the surrounding building structure.

Areas of application

  • Public buildings
  • Court buildings
  • Hotels
  • Police buildings
  • Military facilities
  • Assembly rooms, religious meeting centres
  • Conference rooms

System construction 

The HAVERKAMP Catcher System is made up of a number of steel brackets, wire ropes, clamping devices and bolts. They enable resultant forces of up to 80 kN to be safely deflected. As a rule, 2-3 ropes are installed across each window. The total number of ropes used depends on the size and geometry of the windows.

In the event of application, the applicability of the construction and its anchoring in existing walls must be proven by way of structural certification.



HAVERKAMP Catcher System

Single panes, double-glazing and laminated glass can all be equipped with PROFILON® ER1 security film with explosion-resistant properties. The film prevents the panels from shattering and ejecting glass splinters into the room at high speed, in the event of deliberate denotation or an accident resulting from an external explosion. Each panel is retained in a whole piece. This security solution saves human lives in all kinds of cases.

The HAVERKAMP Catcher System is a supplementary add-on solution that provides additional protection for people inside buildings. This high-performance solution consists of a system of steel brackets and wire ropes with clamping fixtures. The precise number varies according to the nature of the windows.