The only explosion-resistant security film (according to EN 13541) made in Germany

Characteristics at a glance

  • Security film to protect against explosive attacks
  • PROFILON® ER1 security films are explosion-resistant and impede the penetration of thrown objects
  • A retrofit solution for unprotected plain or insulation glass in areas at risk of attack
  • PROFILON® ER1 window films from the security film developer in Germany
  • Resistance class attained in explosion resistance: DIN EN 13541 – the only security film made in Germany to do so
  • Other resistance classes: A1 pursuant to DIN 52290, P2A pursuant to EN 356, UL 972
  • Successful practical application: the use of PROFILON® ER1  saved many people's lives during the bomb attack in Oslo's government district in 2011
  • Scratch-resistant - maintenance-free

Areas of application 

  • Public administration buildings
  • Office buildings
  • Shop windows
  • Embassies and government buildings
  • Entrance areas
  • Production halls
  • Industrial plants
  • Military facilities

Reference report on the bomb attack in Oslo

There is much empirical data that proves the effectiveness of PROFILON® ER1. For instance, in the bomb attack in Oslo's government district in 2011, it was down to the window panes of the government building having been fitted with PROFILON® ER1 that the incidence of airborne splinters was considerably reduced, thus avoiding a much greater catastrophe. 


Produktvideo Sicherheitsfolie PROFILON® ER1


HAVERKAMP recommends the high-performance security film PROFILON® ER1 for use in particularly sensitive areas in high-rise risk zones, highly built up areas, hazardous entrance areas, and lower storeys of buildings. It offers a high level of protection against explosive attacks, thanks to its unique structure that allows it to withstand shock waves and thus prevent dangerous splintering. 


In the event of an explosion, standard non-laminated glass constitutes a weak link in a building's structure. Compared with a solid facade, glass offers much less physical resistance to a shock wave. In the face of a shock wave, windows, glass doors, vertical glazing, glass facades, etc. become life-threatening hazards. The highly flexible, four-ply, explosion and thrown-object resistant PROFILON® ER1 security film can be retrofitted to plain and insulated glass with the properties of laminated safety glass. The security film represents a simple and more cost-effective retrofit solution than special security glass. The glazing can be left in the frame, and no long interruptions to ongoing activities are needed in offices or production facilities.

Moreover, PROFILON® ER1 is of low flammability and provides additional effective protection against UV radiation. The high-quality material is extremely resistant to scratching, retains its security characteristics for years and, unlike other products, is not susceptible to yellowing. And not only that, but the film system is very easy to maintain and can be cleaned with conventional cleaning products.

PROFILON® ER1 has the following effects:

  • highly resistant to explosions
  • resistant to thrown objects
  • retains splinters
  • reduces the spread of fire (no build-up of fumes)
  • absorbs UV