Break-in protection

Experienced offenders only need 30 seconds to break into an insecure building. Simple tools are all that they need to commit a smash and grab raid. But if they meet with resistance, they generally abandon their intentions.

HAVERKAMP offers a variety of security films that form effective protection against smash and grab. They can be retrofitted to conventional window glass, they are highly resistant, and greatly impede penetration by thrown objects or explosion. They also effectively retain glass splinters.

Only recently, HAVERKAMP developed a particularly effective protection product in the form of PROFILON P3A. For further information about this security film, which is the only one of its kind in the world, click here.

Upon request, PROFILON® can also be combined with a passive glass breakage alarm.

PROFILON® break-in film protection systems have DIN 12600, DIN EN 4102-1 and DIN EN 356 certification. For more information about the resistance classes referred to, click here.