Protection against explosion

Effective protection is now more important than ever before as a result of the prevailing conditions in the world today including the threat of attack involving explosives. In particular, conventional window glass presents a low level of physical resistance to shock waves, which can result in danger to life and limb. HAVERKAMP has responded to this situation with a range of security films in the PROFILON® series that are able to reduce dangerous airborne glass splinters in the event of an attack. These are categorised in accordance with a number of hazard levels. The films reduce the risk of injury to individuals resulting from fast flying sharp-edged shards of glass. The special films also prevent the destruction of inventory.

PROFILON® film systems for protecting against explosion are certified in accordance with EN 13541 and DIN EN 4102-1. For more information about the resistance classes referred to, click here.

The PROFILON® ER1 film system developed by HAVERKAMP for reducing the effects of explosion was able to prevent a far worse outcome in the wake of the explosive attack in the government district of Oslo in 2011. For more about this, read our Reference Report.

Reference Oslo PROFILON® ER1