Protection against thrown objects

The development of PROFILON® security film systems was an important step towards thrown object and smash and grab protection.  In this field, HAVERKAMP is seen – worldwide – as the INVENTER of security film systems. Thanks to this HAVERKAMP product series, virtually any conventional glass panel can be effectively rendered secure against attacks from airborne projectiles.

Once security films have been fitted to glass fronts or window glazing, intruders are frequently no longer able to fully destroy the panels. This is because the film binds the glass splinters together and prevents them from falling out of the frame. Today, we can say from experience that a prospective intruder is often forced to call off his activities due to failure to breach a window.

PROFILON® films for protection against thrown objects are certified and tested in accordance with DIN EN 356, UL 972, DIN 12600 and DIN EN 4102-1. You will find more information about the resistance classes referred to here.