Security film with enhanced resistance against thrown object

Characteristics at a glance

  • Security film with additional explosion-protection properties, protects against break-in, vandalism and incendiary attacks
  • PROFILON® AX A1 security films are a retrofit solution for unprotected plain or insulation glass
  • PROFILON® AX A1 window films are suitable for securing office buildings, shop windows and other commercial buildings
  • Developed in Germany
  • Scratch-resistant – maintenance-free
  • Resistance classes achieved: A1 pursuant to DIN 52 290, P2A pursuant to EN 356, UL 972

Areas of application

  • Public administration buildings
  • Office buildings
  • Shop windows
  • Entrance areas
  • Production halls
  • Industrial plants
  • Conference rooms / meeting rooms
  • Art galleries and museums

Produktvideo PROFILON® AX A1

Produktvideo PROFILON® AX A1




PROFILON® AX A1 security film can be retrofitted to normal glass, thus turning it into a laminated security glass that impedes penetration by thrown objects. It is also explosion resistant and has low flammability. Even under the impact of stones, Molotov cocktails, detonations or break-in objects, PROFILON® AX A1 ensures that glass splinters remain in the frame. Moreover, the film enhances the endurance of the glass panels, with the result that would-be smash-and-grab thieves often have to abandon their plans. The film also has a special integrated UV filter that protects against unpleasant ultraviolet radiation and delays the onset of yellowing or fading of display objects or store furnishings behind large window fronts.  

PROFILON® AX A1 security film is available in a number of different types: transparent, matt-white for privacy protection, and solar to protect against the sun's radiation. 


The multi-ply structure of the PROFILON® AX A1 security film absorbs the impact energy caused by the force of a thrown stone or incendiary. The extremely strong adhesive bond ensures high splinter retention. PROFILON® AX A1 can be retrofitted to all glass panels with a flat surface, irrespective of whether they are made of float glass, toughened, laminated or heat-strengthened glass. The film also features a number of additional benefits compared to laminated glass: first of all, it is much cheaper as it is not necessary to purchase any new windows. Any conventional window pane is suitable for retrofitting with security film. Another advantage is that it can be fitted without impairing ongoing in-house activities. No dirt is created and the installation process is fast compared to the work involved in reglazing. PROFILON® AX A1 is also extremely scratch-resistant, can be cleaned with conventional cleaning agents and has a long service life without being susceptible to yellowing. 

PROFILON® AX A1 has the following effects:

  • impedes thrown objects
  • deters break-ins
  • deters smash and grab
  • retains splinters
  • reduces the spread of fire (no build-up of fumes)
  • absorbs UV