One of the most highly resistant security films in the world - Verified by test certificate

Characteristics at a glance

  • Extremely high-resistance security film that provides optimum protection against break-ins, vandalism and incendiary attacks
  • Displays blast-resistant properties
  • Resistance class P4A, coating solely on the inside
  • First security film in the world to attain this resistance class on 4 mm float glass
  • Verified in a test conducted by the TÜV Rheinland in accordance with DIN EN 356 A
  • Passed the falling ball test from a height of 9 metres
  • Retrofit solution for all types of glazing
  • Developed and produced by HAVERKAMP – guaranteed made in Germany
  • Scratch-insensitive maintenance-free not visible to potential attackers
  • Multi-ply construction for extremely high resistance

PROFILON® P4A displays the following effects:

  • Extremely resistant to thrown objects
  • Greatly impedes smash and grab attacks
  • Resistant to splinters becoming airborne
  • Resistant to fire spreading
  • UV-absorbent
  • From 4 mm float glass

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Areas of application

  • Public administration buildings
  • Office buildings
  • Shop windows
  • Entrance areas
  • Production halls
  • Industrial plants
  • Server rooms / IT centres
  • Meeting rooms / conference rooms
  • Art galleries and museums



PROFILON® P4A security film

PROFILON® P4A has been demonstrated to be highly resistant, extremely blast-resistant and extremely effective in impeding penetration by thrown objects. It prevents the spread of splinters with a reliability that is matched by virtually no other security film on the market. The film offers optimum protection against smash and grab, vandalism and incendiary attacks.

This has been demonstrated by practical testing in the penetration resistance class in accordance with DIN EN 356 A conducted by the German TÜV Rheinland, in which a steel ball weighing 4.11 kilograms was dropped three times from a height of nine metres onto a glass panel coated with PROFILON® P4A. The result: despite the enormous impact energy, the extremely robust, multi-ply film successfully held the glass splinters inside the frame.

This multiple-layer film can be retrofitted to any flat glazing surface. It is installed solely on the inside. In addition, an integrated UV filter protects the interior from UV radiation. The film is extremely scratch-insensitive and as such highly durable.