Security film that protects against eavesdropping attacks and misuse of data

Characteristics at a glance

  • Security film for protecting against bugging and data eavesdropping attacks
  • PROFILON® AntiSpy security films are transparent and lightly tinted and display the world's highest attenuation capability for RF, IR and UV radiation
  • To reduce espionage attacks, diminish the risk of HF and IR eavesdropping through windows, and protect against electromagnetic interference (EMI)
  • A retrofit solution tested by state bodies and approved by the leading information protection organisations in the USA and UK
  • PROFILON® espionage-prevention films are develop in Germany
  • Scratch-resistant – maintenance-free
  • Can be combined with splinter protection and sun protection

Areas of application

  • Businesses and organisations
  • Public administrative buildings
  • Government buildings and authorities
  • Military facilities




The transparent high-tech PROFILON® AntiSpy security film blocks the transmission path of wireless and other electronic data that can radiate through a building's windows from laptops, mobile phones and cordless telephones. The high-performance film also attenuates high-frequency electromagnetic interference and protects individuals from dangerous electromagnetic radiation. A pleasant side effect is that because PROFILON® AntiSpy blocks the majority of the sun's infrared radiation, the transparent, non-reflective special film also increases the building's thermal insulation and thus enhances energy efficiency in addition to protecting against electronic eavesdropping attacks.


PROFILON® AntiSpy film is particularly suitable for governments, large companies and military facilities. HAVERKAMP offers this product to its customers in the form of a reliable and cost-effective retrofit solution. The security film is also suitable for new buildings and can be applied without problem to laminated glass or polycarbonate panels. The transparent film is virtually invisible and even after installation, the building maintains a consistent appearance.

PROFILON® AntiSpy can also be enhanced with additional functions from HAVERKAMP's tried and tested PROFILON® series, such as resistance to thrown objects or explosion.

PROFILON® AntiSpy has the following effects:

  • Full-spectrum protection against HF and IR radiation
  • Reduces the risk of HF and IR window eavesdropping
  • Protects against electromagnetic interference (EMI)
  • Sun protection saves on energy for air-conditioning
  • Combined RF/IR protection with splinter protection in the event of an explosion
  • Can be installed to some or all windows in the building