HakaGARD® sliding windows

Bullet-resistant sliding glass elements

Characteristics at a glance

  • Sliding glass elements for full-area bullet resistance
  • HAKAGARD® sliding glass security windows are manufactured to individual measurements and specifications
  • Ultra-light integrated glass panels: glass composites in opti-white quality (white glass)
  • HAKAGARD® sliding glass security windows are available in accordance with DIN EN 1063 specifications up to resistance class BR7-NS
  • High security level of sliding windows makes them indiscernible to outside onlookers
  • Guide rails available in a number of different forms, adaptable to suit a variety of local conditions – for installation within or above the window reveal, and suitable for the addition of further functions
  • National and international government officials and company bosses have already placed their faith in HAVERKAMP security windows

Areas of application

  • Private homes with enhanced protection requirements
  • Hotel rooms with enhanced security requirements
  • Military facilities and administrations
  • Embassies and government buildings
  • Banks
  • Conference rooms 

Resistance classes of HAKAGARD® sliding windows 

Resistance classes of HAKAGARD® sliding windows (pursuant to DIN EN 1063):

Class Weapon Calibre  
BR 1 Rifle .22 LR
BR 2 Handgun 9 mm Luger
BR 3 Handgun .357 Magnum
BR 4 Handgun .44 Rem. Magnum
BR 5 Rifle 5,56 x 45
BR 6 Rifle 7,62 x 51 (softcore)
BR 7 Rifle 7,62 x 51 (steel hardcore)

Information flyer: Resistance classes 

Further information on resistance classes is available here.

FLYER Resistance classes



HAKAGARD® sliding glass elements  

Effective protection against bullets can be achieved by using very thick and heavy laminated safety glass panels. A lighter but equally effective alternative has been developed by HAVERKAMP in the form of HAKAGARD® sliding glass elements: this is a full-area, bullet-resistant and transparent glass construction which can be inconspicuously integrated into the building's overall design. HAKAGARD® sliding elements are particularly suitable for use in buildings in which special protection features need to remain indiscernible while not impairing the architecture. These elements are commonly employed in political offices, embassies, banks, conference rooms and military buildings.

HAKAGARD® sliding glass elements are composed of ultra-light glass panels that are much thinner and of much lower weight than laminated safety glass. They are an ideal solution in buildings in which it is either difficult or not possible to replace the windows. The powerful protection is indiscernible to outside onlookers, as the frameless construction is characterised by its high transparency.

This solution is frequently employed in listed buildings, as the elements are positioned atop the window reveals and do not affect the architecture. HAKAGARD® sliding glass elements can be dismantled without problem whenever required.

The guide rails of the windows can be modified to the local structural conditions of the surface. They can be mounted both inside and in front of the reveals, which allows all manner of extensions through a variety of options.