Protection against explosion with HAKAGARD® window and door elements

The prevailing conditions in the world today, and particularly the threat of assassinations and attacks involving explosives, means that the need for security is increasing in all countries of the world, and effective protection is more important than ever before. It is not just essential to protect against bullet penetration through windows, but also – and above all – to protect against the effects of explosions. Conventional window glass in particular offers a low level of physical resistance to shock waves, which can result in danger to life and limb.

There is now an increasing demand for products that are able to resist the effects of explosion. HAVERKAMP also supplies system solutions for this sensitive market segment in the form of special HAKAGARD® security glass panels, available in the classes ER1 to ER4 in accordance with DIN EN 13541.

To enhance the security of normal window glass, it can be combined with PROFILON® ER1 security film. This is a film system that offers a high level of protection against explosive attacks; its unique structure is able to withstand strong shock waves and prevent dangerous glass splinters becoming airborne. The high resistive force has been demonstrated by tests carried out in a shock tube.