Protection against thrown objects with HAKAGARD® window and door elements

Even the best window or door protection is of no avail if the panes themselves are not sufficiently secure and they can be easily penetrated by applying a small amount of force. The HAKAGARD® range of products from HAVERKAMP are made of an effective security glass that is able to withstand impacts from thrown objects. The glass panels, which were developed by the company, are highly transparent and do not display the green tint that is frequently a feature of security glass; this means that the glass's high protection class is not discernible to onlookers.

HAKAGARD® glass panels are certified as follows in accordance with DIN EN 356: resistant to thrown object penetration up to P5A. The entire window construction satisfies the DIN EN 1627 standard to RC4 – in accordance with the type and size of window.

HAVERKAMP has created an informative and clearly laid out document of these standards, which can be downloaded here:

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