HAKAGARD® Wood-Aluminium Windows

Characteristics at a glance

  • Wood-aluminium security windows provide individual protection ranging from burglar-resistant to bullet-resistant
  • HAKAGARD® wood-aluminium security windows are developed to individual measurements and specifications
  • Available in virtually any form or opening type
  • Aluminium profiles on the exterior – high-quality wooden surface on the interior
  • HAKAGARD® wood-aluminium security windows are available in accordance with DIN EN 1063 specifications, up to resistance class BR7-NS
  • HAVERKAMP security windows with resistance class RC3 are certified by the Prüfzentrum für Bauelemente KG in Rosenheim
  • Integrated: lightweight glass panels developed by HAVERKAMP feature high transparency – with no green tint
  • High security level makes them indiscernible to outside onlookers
  • HAVERKAMP wood-aluminium windows additionally fulfil the requirements of energy loss minimisation by employing highly insulating, functional security glass
  • National and international government officials and company bosses have already placed their faith in HAVERKAMP security windows

Areas of application 

  • Private homes with enhanced protection requirements
  • Hotel rooms with enhanced security requirements
  • Military facilities and administrations
  • Embassies and government buildings 

Resistance classes of HAKAGARD® glass panels 

Features of HAKAGARD® Wood-aluminium security windows:

  • Burglary-resistant up to RC 4 in accordance with DIN EN 1627-1630
  • Burglary-resistant glass up to P8B in accordance with DIN EN 356
  • Bullet-resistant up to FB 6 in accordance with DIN EN 1522
  • Bullet-resistant glass up to BR6-NS in accordance with DIN EN 1063
  • VdS Class C-compliant, fully concealed monitoring of opening and close-off
  • Monitoring also active when window panels are tilted (live tilt circuitry)
  • Toughened safety glass with integrated alarm technology for monitoring glass breakage
  • Various resistance classes based on international standards
  • Can also be produced with other individual solutions

Resistance classes of processed HAKAGARD® glass panels 

Resistance classes of processed HAKAGARD® glass panels (pursuant to DIN EN 1063):

Class Weapon Calibre  
BR 1 Rifle .22 LR
BR 2 Handgun 9 mm Luger
BR 3 Handgun .357 Magnum
BR 4 Handgun .44 Rem. Magnum
BR 5 Rifle 5,56 x 45
BR 6 Rifle 7,62 x 51 (softcore)
BR 7 Rifle 7,62 x 51 (steel hardcore)

HAKAGARD® wood-aluminium security windows

HAKAGARD® aluminium-wood security windows are highly effective, inconspicuous security windows for long term, individual building security, made to specification. This type of window features sharply defined aluminium profiles for a modern exterior appearance combined with a high-quality wooden interior finish. Available in a number of versions to match a wide range of architectural styles – including windows with a large clear-cross-section for maximum illumination of the room interior.

Based on the level of danger and structural factors, HAKAGARD® aluminium-wood security windows are either supplied with burglary-resistant glass panels or, if required, with bullet-resistance glazing in accordance with DIN EN 1063, up to resistance class BR7-NS.

The glass panels were developed by HAVERKAMP; they are highly transparent and, unlike many other types of security glass, they have no green tint. The high security class means that they are not discernible to outside onlookers.

HAKAGARD® aluminium-wood security windows are made according to the individual customer's specifications and needs, and are available in just about any imaginable form and opening type. HAVERKAMP is guided by the building's style and architecture in devising the ideal special form.  All windows are first-class products in terms of their security engineering, fittings, materials and glazing. Each and every component is produced with great care and maximum attention to detail. This results in attractively formed, technically first-class solutions that combine the latest security engineering with traditional manual craft. An active alarm unit can be easily connected to the intruder signalling systems.

Upon request, motorised shade/sun as well as privacy or fly protection systems can be integrated; all motorised systems can be connected to the in-house control equipment.