Production & quality

  • HAVERKAMP: production and quality made in Germany
  • Quality assurance pursuant to ISO 9001
  • Film systems: in-house film production with all essential refinement processes and more than thirty years of experience
  • Perimeter systems: product-development of in-house security fence systems
  • Security windows and doors: security competence for customised, high-quality window construction

 HAVERKAMP operates in market segments that are characterised by rapid transformation and constant, new challenges. In a market environment such as this, it is particularly important to supply a constantly and reliably high quality in the analysis of the task at hand, production of the appropriate solution, installation and after-sales service.

HAVERKAMP quality made in Germany

HAVERKAMP subjects its quality assurance to ongoing optimisation and has had ISO 9001 certification since 2003. Due to the complexity of its field of activity and the wide breadth of constantly new challenges that it faces, the approach taken by HAVERKAMP's quality and personnel development concentrates on the best solution for the respective task – with pride for its 'Made in Germany' quality seal – and on passing this quality on to each and every customer. 

HAVERKAMP production made in Germany

HAVERKAMP also places the focus on quality 'Made in Germany' in its production facilities. Its in-house production is configured to allow direct control of all relevant refinement and product optimisation steps and to enable fast and flexible implementation of product modifications and new developments. This creates security – both for our quality and our customers.

Film systems

HAVERKAMP can draw on more than fourty years of experience in its film production activities. Our in-house production facilities undergo constant development, guided by our own, comprehensive know-how. It is these optimised production facilities that guarantee our company's excellent market position in the field of film technology.

Here you can find out more about our film products.

Perimeter systems

Similarly, in the field of perimeter systems, HAVERKAMP has many years of experience in security technology that it can draw on. All quiescent current systems are in-house product developments and are subjected to ongoing intensive testing and optimisation. Final assembly of the sensor systems is performed at the production site in Münster and tested prior to shipment and installation in real-time operation. Parts suppliers and system partners are highly familiar with HAVERKAMP's quality requirements and receive intensive instruction from HAVERKAMP security experts.

HAVERKAMP obtains its video equipment exclusively from renowned German partner companies. We pay attention to ensuring that the systems employed satisfy maximum quality requirements and that they match HAVERKAMP's own system components, the modular interface programs, and in-house management software.

 Here you can find out more about our perimeter products.

Security windows and doors

In the security windows and doors segment, HAVERKAMP relies on its sustained partnership with the renowned window producer, EGE. The two companies share the same entrepreneurial spirit as well as the goal of supplying the customer with the best possible quality. By combining their competences in security technology and high-quality window construction, the two partners are setting standards in this product segment.  

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