Production & quality

HAVERKAMP operates in market segments that are characterised by rapid transformation and constant, new challenges. In a market environment such as this, it is particularly important to supply a constantly and reliably high quality.

For more than 40 years, HAVERKAMP develops and sales the worldwide known PROFILON® security films. HAVERKAMP has developed detection fences that are frequently not discernible as such; they are designed to reliably signalise even the first attempt to breach the perimeter of a property. Additionally, HAVERKAMP offers security windows and doors with standard burglar-resistant glazing or if preferred with bullet-resistant glass panels in accordance with DIN EN 1063 up to resistance class BR7-NS are available in just about any imaginable form and opening type.

HAVERKAMP quality: made in Germany

HAVERKAMP subjects its quality assurance to ongoing optimisation and has had ISO 9001 certification since 2003. 

HAVERKAMP production made in Germany

HAVERKAMP also places the focus on quality 'Made in Germany' in its production facilities. Its in-house production is configured to allow direct control of all relevant refinement and product optimisation steps and to enable fast and flexible implementation of product modifications and new developments. This creates security – both for our quality and our customers.

Further informations about our product range:

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