Product development at HAVERKAMP

  • HAVERKAMP develops security products for both private and commercial customers as well as public bodies  
  • More than 90% of products marketed are in-house developments
  • Film technology: HAVERKAMP is the only producer of security films in Germany
  • HAVERKAMP PROFILON® films are certified by the Material Testing Agency (Materialprüfungsamt) 
  • Product development – perimeter systems: MicroGARD® pro and AluGARD® perimeter protection made by HAVERKAMP

With more than fourty  years of market experience, HAVERKAMP has developed security solutions for a wide range of customer requirements, including security concepts for private individuals, commercial enterprises with corresponding risks, and public bodies and political dignitaries. This experience not only informs the conceptual design of the security solutions but is an essential and integral part of the product development.

Customer profiles vary greatly, and the broad portfolio of high-tech products enables individual modification. HAVERKAMP implements its experience and technical competence again and again in the development of its products, modifying them in line with new security requirements, or devising fully new concepts. Thinking in terms of security means thinking ahead – and that is reflected in the product development process.



Film technology

HAVERKAMP's film division has more than fourty  years of production experience, and our in-house production systems undergo regular targeted development on the basis of our own extensive know-how. It is these optimised systems that ensure the outstanding market position that our company enjoys in the field of film technology and what makes HAVERKAMP the only producer of security films throughout Germany.


HAVERKAMP PROFILON® films are extremely resistant – both in terms of break-in resistance (P3A thrown-object resistance pursuant to DIN EN 356) and explosion protection (explosion resistance ER1 pursuant to DIN EN 13541 ER1 (NS)). This success is thanks to our policy of constant product development.


Perimeter protection

For effective perimeter protection configured to customer requirements in either a sophisticated or inconspicuous design, HAVERKAMP has developed detection fences that are frequently indiscernible as security fencing. These fences always incorporate the latest technology, while their design is inconspicuous and timeless.

HAVERKAMP develops high-tech perimeter systems that provide reliable protection based on these twin requirements. Our two systems – MicroGARD® pro and AluGARD® – were developed in-house and are both familiar names on the market. Well-known companies, logistics centres, official agencies and private individuals already place their trust in HAVERKAMP's innovative strength.

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