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Details from the day-to-day work of HAVERKAMP-safety experts? Strictly confidential. But this much we can tell you: “We protect governments all over the world”, said Ulrich Haverkamp, managing director of HAVERKAMP - a company for security engineering in Münster, Westphalia – giving an example for the exclusivity and sensitivity of its customer base. “Adapting protection systems to a company’s individual and personal requirements and at the same time revealing the customer’s name and details of the concept just don’t go hand-in hand”, said Bernward Altmeppen, likewise managing director of the HAVERKAMP GmbH, explaining his firm’s essential need for discretion.

“We protect governments”


Without it, HAVERKAMP's road to success so far would be simply unthinkable. Leading major enterprises, governments and official bodies, medium-sized companies, retailers and service providers who do business via a global sales network have been placing the security of their business with trust and confidence in the experts from Münster for more than 25 years now. Those in a company who are in charge of such measures even transfer the positive experience made using these flexible security systems for buildings and outdoor perimeters into their own private homes, placing their confidence in project-directed HAVERKAMP expertise.
HAVERKAMP Project is an independent sector of the business which designs and implements complex, integrated solutions. The ISO 9001 certification guarantees holistic quality management from design right through to assembly.

The HAVERKAMP product series are coordinated and complement one another. Furthermore, they can be combined with other components from other sectors of security engineering, for example, with hazard alert systems.
From design and development, to manufacturing through to professional assembly, the company  complete solutions, the complexity of which is arbitrary – from just one single protected window or a comprehensive security system. As practically all of the products can be easily retrofitted, they can be implemented successively as required.

But what we can disclose is this – HAVERKAMP engineering is part of the high-security concept for the German Foreign Office and the United Nations and even protects KFOR troops in their peace-keeping missions around the world. How exactly? Strictly confidential! And demonstrably effective!

Author: Matthias Cieslak | Silke Gärtner