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And action…! Molotov cocktails flying through the air, explosives detonating, pistols firing and break-in tools put into practice – all to provide valuable information at the Security Fair in Essen from 10 to 13 October 2006; even for the experienced professionals “who have seen it all before” . But apart from all the spectacular effects resulting from the impact of fire-accelerants, bullets bursting asunder, or heavy-weight hammers: HAVERKAMP security experts who set off this outdoor action centre every day of the fair are pursuing serious intentions with their demonstrations. Very serious intentions.

“Action“ – with a serious background


“Only someone who has personally experienced the destructive force behind attacks such as these can appreciate how necessary efficient security and protection is”, emphasizes Ulrich Haverkamp and Bernward Altmeppen, managing directors of HAVERKAMP, the reputed security systems company from Münster. The company’s Action Center concept for the Security Fair in Essen demonstrates confidence and courage at the same time. After all, HAVERKAMP is putting its own products live through unrivalled stringent tests which cannot be manipulated in front of several thousand visitors to the fair “We shall be demonstrating the wide range and efficiency of our products and the extensive scope of our security systems”, explained Mr. Haverkamp and Mr. Altmeppen.

The highly spectacular demonstrations can be seen every day at the fair at 11 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon on the 300 square meters Action Center which has been set up on the outdoor premises of the Messe Essen.

And in Hall 5 at the Security Fair 2006, there will be lots to talk about at Booth 111 where HAVERKAMP will be providing comprehensive information on its wide range of products for mechanical security engineering and the security of outside perimeters. And the professionals in the branch are looking forward excitedly to in-depth information on the successful further development of the retrofittable, digital fencing detection system MicroGARD.

When it comes to pure detection, HAVERKAMP has attracted the attention of the sector with MicroGARD, a “spot-on” system with - for this type of system - unprecedented precision and calibration options to reduce the number of false alarms.

From now on, MicroGARD will be setting excellent standards for alarm verification. The hardware and software protocol-based interfaces are compatible with existing reputed makes of camera systems and can be integrated easily into superior management systems. That is just what the customer wants – simple to use, but nevertheless efficient security systems.

In addition, HAVERKAMP will be displaying its complete tried-and-proven and continuously further developed range of products at the Security Fair Essen including a safety film which will inhibit the penetration of missiles, bullet-proof and break-in proof doors and window elements as well as electrically and electronically monitored alarm fencing..

HAVERKAMP at the Security Fair Essen from10 to 13 October 2006:
Hall 5, Booth 111
Outdoors: Action-Center. Demonstrations daily at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. t

Author: Matthias Cieslak | Silke Gärtner