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Amazement and enthusiastic applause – just two of the very many positive reactions which HAVERKAMP GmbH security experts reported back “home” to the headquarters in Münster, Westphalia following the company’s appearance at the Security Trade Fair 2006 The focus of attention at the world’s most significant international trade fair for security engineering and fire-fighting which has just ended was the HAVERKAMP Action Center which, according to HAVERKAMP executive director, Ulrich Haverkamp “again drew the crowds”. Those in the company responsible for setting up the Center saw confirmation of their courage to put the company’s products through real live un-manipulated and unprecedented tests of endurance in front of a total of several thousand visitors to the fair.

HAVERKAMP: Positive outcome of the Security Trade Fair 2006


On each day of the Fair, the company from Münster which specializes in security engineering carried out demonstrations using HAVERKAMP window panes which are coated with a special film - experiments which included hurling Molotov cocktails against them or maltreating them with very heavy hammers! The demonstrations which were carried out on the outdoor grounds of the Security Fair not only provided entertainment for the almost 40,000 professional visitors but also displayed very impressive avenues of protection against brutal attacks. “Interest in our products has never been so great”, said Bernward Altmeppen, likewise executive director at HAVERKAMP, taking initial stock of the fair results for the company. Ulrich Haverkamp admitted that this certainly had to do with a basic awareness regarding security but was also the consequence of ever-increasing improvements being achieved in the security engineering sector.

This assessment was also shared by Otto Schily, former Federal Minister for Home Affairs who was one of the guests at the HAVERKAMP booth. Otto Schily, who was much impressed by the latest product developments, expressed in discussions with the HAVERKAMP team “It is essential that we continue to optimize these techniques”.

In addition to further product optimization, HAVERKAMP security experts see a further trend in their sector – one which their company from Münster has already been successfully implementing for more than 25 years on the market : one-stop complex solutions. “We make life difficult for the attackers, but not for our customers”, remarked Ulrich Haverkamp, explaining why it is increasingly important to provide one-stop security solutions. This was also another key feature of HAVERKAMP at the latest Security Trade Fair: further developments in the retrofittable digital fencing sensor MicroGARD. The newly-developed protocol-based hardware and software interfaces work with cameras and management systems of other manufacturers.

Summarizing, Ulrich Haverkamp and Bernward Altmeppen are in agreement: “Last but not least, the recent Security Fair provided us with confirmation that HAVERKAMP GmbH with its concepts, products and solutions is optimally equipped to satisfy the very diverse demands of its customers”.

Author: Matthias Cieslak | Silke Gärtner