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Screwdriver, tape measures, window blind cassette and films; this describes the equipment with which Sandra Vocke and Cigdem Demiroez are equipped for their daily work in the window blind production at HAVERKAMP. The Girls’ Day on 26th April - a surprise for both sides.

Girl Future Day HAVERKAMP Girls’ Day 2007


Precise, highly-concentrated and with a smile on their lips, the two deaf schoolgirls from Münster worked on the generation of window blind samples for HAVERKAMP customers. Cigdem Demiroez and Sandra Vocke have dared to take the step and have mingled in a “man's world”. Self-assured and full of enthusiasm they aligned their tape measures, took hold of the battery-powered screwdriver and operated the ultrasonic cutting device. “I was very positively surprised“ reports Frank Landwerth, production manager of HAVERKAMP. “We had not at all imagined so much curiosity and open-mindedness”. The two girls had been particularly pleased to make something with their own hands, they explained. Their enjoyment was obvious as Sandra and Cigdem held their day’s work in the hands and smiles were never absent from their lips.

The young female generation in Germany has been provided with an especially good education. Nevertheless, girls still always disproportionately decide on “typically feminine” professional sectors or specialist subjects within the framework of their training and study selection. The Girls’ Day should provide a practical and targeted insight into the technical and technological working world.

HAVERKAMP will also support the Girls’ Day initiatives in 2008 and is already looking forward to the curious visitors next year.

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The company:

HAVERKAMP security technology
HAVERKAMP develops explosive-bursting-effect prevention and throw-through prevention films, window and door systems for the building outer shell and for vehicles, which are among the leading technologies worldwide. Furthermore, the company develops, supplies and installs the ideal security fence system with break-through and climb-over detection for every application in outdoor protection. HAVERKAMP also performs valuable project work and designs comprehensive, highly capable and complex security solutions for particularly endangered properties and personalities in the fields of business, politics and public life. Experienced specialists develop and realize concepts to order and on request in a team with external safety inspectors.

Solar protection and film technology HAVERKAMP
Sun and UV-protection, anti-glare shade, view protection, splinter protection: For almost every area of application, HAVERKAMP has developed a complete range of the most varied film types and window-blind film types. Sophisticated film systems for special areas of application, such as facade protection (for example anti-scratch and anti-graffiti films) round off the comprehensive product range.

Company details:

Haverkamp GmbH founded in 1982 as a GmbH (Ltd.)
Zum Kaiserbusch 26-28
48165 Münster

Directors: Ulrich Haverkamp | Bernward Altmeppen

Haverkamp Projekt GmbH founded in 2001
Zum Kaiserbusch 26-28
48165 Münster

Directors: Ulrich Haverkamp | Bernward Altmeppen | Ulrich Weynell

Verband für Sicherheit in der Wirtschaft (VSW) e.V.
Verein deutscher Sicherheitsingenieure e.V. (VdS)
Bundesverband für Hersteller und Errichter e.V. (BHE)
American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS)
International Window Film Association (IWFA)
Association of Industrial Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators (AIMCAL)
Verband innenliegender Sicht- und Sonnenschutz e.V. (VIS)