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HAVERKAMP, the specialist in the field of security technology and sun protection, now offers fascinating and informative insights into these two areas to people and business throughout the world. Since the start of the year 2008, the technology experts from Münster have given their website a complete makeover, significantly broadening the content and giving their online presence a markedly more international orientation. All the information, both for technology professionals and those who are simply interested, is now available multilingually at

Willkommen and Welcome: HAVERKAMP with new Internet presence and new dialogue facility for added value


How are resistance classes defined? How can anti-shatter and surface protection properties be effectively achieved? What standards apply in the EU for throw-through and break-through impact protection in relation to glass? What is the importance of sun protection films at the workplace? These are just a few of the questions to which HAVERKAMP provides the answers – quickly and easily at the click of a mouse and from anywhere in the world, and in such a way that they can be understood by everyone.
Depending on what interests them, visitors can go direct from the homepage either to the company portal, with all information on the group of companies, or else to the security technology section or to the information on film and sun protection technology.
HAVERKAMP has also significantly expanded its press area on the Internet. This is, as the company states, specifically aimed at providing transparency, and offers journalists a rich pool of information on topics from the world of security or the highly specialized film technology, to the whole field of sun and anti-glare protection.
Knowledge transfer on the website also has a highly practical aspect: It provides professionals with an up-to-date overview of all the special seminar dates at HAVERKAMP, and also the possibility to register online. The new website also provides information on upcoming fairs and other events.
Action viewing: The company, which numbers VIPs, major companies and governments among the clients customers it advises and equips with security technology throughout the world, also offers video clips on the website to illustrate its activities, including footage that has featured on TV.

Author: Matthias Cieslak | Silke Gärtner

Willkommen and Welcome

Willkommen and Welcome