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Working hand in hand to protect the climate, E.ON Ruhrgas AG in Essen and technical film specialist HAVERKAMP in Münster have now, following a threeyear test phase, implemented a spectacular energysaving project. A project with pilot character, involving the energy optimization of altogether almost 1600 square metres of glass at relatively little expense, while at the same time preserving the appearance of the building and also ensuring compliance with the strict workplace regulations, and in particular those relating to workstations. The film saves a multiple of the energy that is consumed in its production, causing the building industry to prick up its ears.

E.ON Ruhrgas AG saves energy: HAVERKAMP reduces the costs of air conditioning for the energy company


The outcome in figures: The energy consumption, and hence expense, needed for air conditioning the energy group’s administration building at Kallenbergstrasse in Essen will in future be reduced by over 30 percent at peak times in the summer months as the special HAVERKAMP film, in combination with the glazing itself, is able to reduce the total incoming solar energy by an average of almost 80 percent. Taken over the year as a whole, the costs of air conditioning will be reduced by altogether nearly 20 percent. A result that E.ON was looking for. “At the same time, we have found ways to optimize the costs for this project from an effective, but above all
economic point of view,” says Ulrich Haverkamp, managing director of HAVERKAMP GmbH. It quickly became clear during the project phase that complete replacement of the almost 1600 square metres of glass was out of the question due to the prohibitive removal and disposal costs. But the use of an “off-the-shelf” film lamination solution was also not possible. The reason, as Ulrich Haverkamp, explains, was the need to ensure that the film, in conjunction with the glass, should not reduce the incoming light too much so as not to make it too dark inside the building in the winter months. Moreover, the E.ON personnel had to continue to be able to regulate the light situation at their individual workplaces by means of the existing, variable anti-glare capabilities in the shape of vertical lamella blinds.
Consequently, HAVERKAMP installed corresponding OPALFILM® films at E.ON Ruhrgas AG with an optimized anti-scratch and weather-resistant surface finish to ensure long service life.

Author: Holger Geiser | Silke Gärtner | Matthias Cieslak

E.ON Ruhrgas AG saves energy:

E.ON courtyard with HAVERKAMP Sun protection film