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International security specialists will be meeting this summer once again at an extraordinary congress by invitation of the German company HAVERKAMP, after the spectacular premiere last year. This year´s congress is also entitled ‘Explosions – consequences and protection’, which wil certainly contribute to quality once more.

HAVERKAMP will be organizing congress in June 2008 once again, which is reserved for high-carat security specialists


Mr. Jörg Ziercke, who is the Head of the Federal Bureau of Criminal Investigation (known as the BKA for short), will thus be speaking to the participants and answering their questions himself, among others. He will be talking about ‘The security situation in Germany with special reference to international terrorism‘ on the second day of HAVERKAMP´s congress. A live field test conducted by the Federal Office for Testing Materials will be linked to the trade conference, in addition to further high-carat experts. Explosives specialists among others will explode 1,000 kilograms of TNT on a former military airfield and demonstrate the consequences of pressure waves in secured buildings.

The congress will be held on 11th and 12th June 2008 at Scharmützelsee in the Brandenburg town of Bad Saarow, which is about 70 kilometres south-east of Berlin. The security technology company HAVERKAMP from the Westphalian town of Münster is accepting registrations for this trade congress by security specialists from now on. Moreover, HAVERKAMP´s employee Mrs. Karla Jäckel ( is giving detailed information on telephone number (0049) (0) 251- 6262-113. Registrations should be made quickly according to the company´s recommendation because places are limited for the congress.

The theory and practice concern the effects of explosive attacks on people and buildings – HAVERKAMP´s expert Mr. Bernhard Haverkamp, who is an experienced security expert, joint founder and member of the management at HAVERKAMP GmbH, as well Mrs. Marieluise Henneberg, who is the manager of international marketing at HAVERKAMP and a specialist in products and solutions for impeding the effects of explosions, have also been invited to the forthcoming congress in addition to external experts: those of whom will be attending this year´s trade congress are Prof. Norbert Gebbeken, Ph. D., who is professor for structural engineering at the University of the German Armed Forces in Munich, as well as Mrs. Caroline Kranzer, Dip. Eng., from the Fraunhofer Institute for Short-Time Dynamics, besides Mr. Ziercke, who is the head of BKA. The British explosives specialist Mr. Steve Holland will be reporting on the protection of vehicles against explosive attacks. His two other countrymen Dr. John Wyatt und Jonathan Wyatt, who are father and son, will be holding practical workshops with the congress participants in scope of the congress referring to the concrete analysis of explosive consequences. Dr. John Wyatt is a former officer of the British Armed Forces and an internationally renowned specialist in the prevention of terrorist bombing attacks. Mr. Jonathan Wyatt is following in his footsteps and working as a consulting explosives expert for an international specialized company.

Author: Matthias Cieslak | Silke Gärtner

HAVERKAMP will be organizing congress in June 2008 once again, which is reserved for high-carat security specialists