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A security and alarm fence which can additionally serve the goal of energy recovery: With this technical innovation, the HAVERKAMP security company links extremely reliable and virtually spot-on detection technology with sustainable environmental technology. At the start of October, the newly developed and, up to now, unique SolarGARD® alarmed energy fence will now be presented by its developers for the first time at the world's largest security fair "Security 2008" in Essen.

SolarGARD®: HAVERKAMP develops an innovative and unique alarmed energy fence


The fence functions as an alarm fence: The meander -shaped fence consists of a pressurized tube system with water or brine flow. This stable tube system, with a diameter of 18 millimetres is permanently monitored by pressure and flow sensors. These sensors, in turn, these only cause an alarm if the flow of the liquid in the tubes changes or the pressure drops, e.g if the fence is cut. As Member of the Board of Directors and Chief Development Officer of HAVERKAMP, Bernhard Haverkamp stresses, "It is an extremely robust peripheral detection system but it can mechanically be used as a normal fence."
The additional function of the fence as an energy fence: Filled with frost-proof liquid, SolarGARD's® closed and pressurized system of tubes incorporates valuable energy, both from the surrounding air as well as direct heat through sunlight, and can release it to the evaporator of a heat pump. SolarGARD® incorporates energy like a solar panel and heats the brine system. The resulting heat can be used to supply hot water or for heating. As Bernhard Haverkamp states, "SolarGARD® can be used in different ways, either as a detection system or to produce thermal energy...of course, both at the same time is also possible". "In any case, it is mechanically an extremely high-grade fence." The outstanding performance features of HAVERKAMP's new SolarGARD® alarmed energy fence include extension options using standard components from heating, air-conditioning, detection and fence construction engineering. Detection systems are also possible in order to protect the fence from being crawled and / or tunneled under. This protection can be achieved special concrete elements under the fence or a meandering tube system in the soil. As an additional energy storage area is created, this arrangement also increases the energy efficiency of SolarGARD®.
In addition, monitoring can also take place using a detection unit which protects the fence from being climbed over. This is achieved through radar sensors which can be also used separately e.g. HAVERKAMP's RadarGARD® detection system. Within RadarGARD's® detection range, alarm zones can be defined in which alarm objects are measured and displayed in terms of position, speed and direction, of weather. SolarGARD® also turns heads in the world of alarm fences in terms of its look. The tube systems can be made from aluminium, stainless steel or copper and as such, they offer numerous options in terms of coloured designs. In addition: The field of SolarGARD®'s applications is not just limited to periphery structures. The tube systems can also be integrated into walls, ceilings or floors and can also function as a detection system which monitors penetration. In addition to this, it can also collect energy and supply it to a heat pump.
HAVERKAMP at Security 2008: Hall 3, Stand 714.

Writer: Silke Gärtner | Matthias Cieslak