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The most practical approach possible: HAVERKAMP is putting this demand, an established one in corporate practice, into action live over the four days of “Security 2008”. The internationally active German safety technology company will thus be exposing its own products and solutions to impressive hardness tests in front of an expert audience at the trade fair from 7 to 10 October 2008.

Security 2008: Hardness tests at HAVERKAMP’s “Action Center”


Twice a day, at 11 am and 2 pm, Molotov cocktails (amongst other things) will be flying in the HAVERKAMP “Action Center“, explosives ignited, weapons fired and burglary tools used. “You can only get a realistic impression of the necessity for effective prevention if you actually experience the huge destructive force behind such attacks”, emphasize Ulrich Haverkamp and Bernward Altmeppen, the Managing Directors of HAVERKAMP, the renowned safety technology company.

At the previous trade fairs this open-air “Action Center” with an area of several hundred square metres had already been a main attraction and a crowd puller for the visitors. For “Security 2008” the safety technology company, which specialises in integral building security, has again expanded the “Action Center”. Amongst others, HAVERKAMP presents in practice its brand new perimeter detection systems RadarGARD® and SolarGARD®. RadarGARD® is based on innovative radar technology. The range of detection can be determined individually via the software. SolarGARD® works with a pressure-tight pipeline system, which forms an extremely robust safety fence. A pressure drop is registered in case of manipulation and the location of the attack is registered. The additional innovation: linked to a heat pump, the alarm fence SolarGARD® can also be used to generate heat energy.
Furthermore the company, which carries out its own development and production, also demonstrates to an expert audience within its “Action Center“ how vehicle windscreens become almost impenetrable with the use of the special film PROFILON®, even when attacked by a wooden log e.g. from a bridge.
“We will show in a live presentation how broad and effective our product range is and how comprehensive and individual our safety concepts are“, explain Bernhard Haverkamp and Ullrich Weynell, also Managing Directors of HAVERKAMP GmbH.

Important for visitors to the trade fair: unlike the previous security fairs in Essen, HAVERKAMP’s “Action Center“ is located for the first time on the open-air grounds 4, close to the HAVERKAMP trade fair booth 714 in hall 3. The live presentations take place daily at 11 am and 2 pm.

Writer: Silke Gärtner | Matthias Cieslak