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HAVERKAMP at Orgatec 2008 in Cologne from 21 to 25 October:

a foresight to future working environment with a high demand for the presence, as the company announces. “We want to make the office of the future tangible and comprehensible already today”, reveals Ulrich Haverkamp, HAVERKAMP managing director and company’s founder, on the trade fair concept of the film-technology specialists from Münster in Germany. HAVERKAMP contributes its latest further developments of innovative sun protection and acoustic solutions based on its high-tech film systems to the “Better office, higher success”, the overall motto of this year’s fair for the world market of office and facility. “Avoiding the disturbing influences of light and noise without reducing the positive effects to people and work environment“, outlines HAVERKAMP managing director Bernward Altmeppen the concepts of HAVERKAMP for the “office of the future”.

HAVERKAMP sets own course for the “Office of the Future” at the Orgatec 2008


HAVERKAMP at Orgatec 2008 in Cologne from 21 to 25 October:

The researching and producing German company demonstrates how it describes itself as a partner and consultant for architects, planners and engineering firms: by placing function and aesthetics on the same development level and developing flexible solutions for changing requirements of state-of-the-art room concepts. On the way to the perfect office equipment, HAVERKAMP as innovator of film technology particularly assumes the parts of anti-glare protection, heat protection and acoustics improvement. The company presents intelligent, easy, but at the same time highly effective solutions at this year’s Orgatec trade fair. With precise examples for state-of-the-art workstations, holistically and comprehensively protected against disturbing influences: amongst others, OPALFILM® sun protection films will be employed, protecting against direct solar radiation and thus adjusting the interior room temperature. The films are manufactured of tearproof PET, recyclable polyethylene therephtatate. Its surface is scratch-resistant, easy to clean and thus particularly hygienic. All films are available in different transparencies and colour shades. From grey to bronze to almost without shading they are not at all or just slightly visible at the window. As the company from the Westphalian city of Münster develops itself, special designs are possible in small batches already, as well as virtually any combination of different functions.

Also included in the trade fair concept “Office of the future” by HAVERKAMP are OPALVARIO® anti-glare panel screens and OPALVARIO® vertical blinds. These variable systems each consist of an OPALFILM® film screen and as flexible anti-glare elements for computer screen workstations meet the EU Directives and DIN 5035. They combine the favourable characteristics of heat and anti-glare protection, provide for a comfortable room climate and working atmosphere and at the same time set a course as sophisticated and individual room design feature.

Also included in this year’s Orgatec programme from HAVERKAMP: the innovative film window blind system OPALVARIO® Smart. This system is “hidden” in an exceptionally small and slim cassette and thus practically invisible. The cassette on the window frame is just 33x33 mm in size. For the side guides of the hangings, the selection can be made between three different aluminium profiles (14/22, 28 or 40 millimetres), available in various colours. At the same time, the film hangings of the OPALVARIO® Smart indicate all those properties for which HAVERKAMP films are known throughout the world: anti-glare protection according to the EU Directives, as well as the DIAMANT embossing, developed especially by HAVERKAMP. Specific technical feature of this embossing: the well proven calendar process, which taken alone already ensures high regularity of the film, is additionally supported and optimised by state-of-the-art process control. On the one hand, the DIAMANT embossing, a specially developed pyramid structure, provides for particularly high stability of the film and on the other hand for excellent and attractive appearance and transparency. Due to the thickness of 200 μ, the film has the optimum balance of transparency and suspension and winding behaviour respectively. An additional “STABILA“ transverse pleating lends the film an attractive design and also gives large-scale hangings harmonious optics through the additional stability.

With its concept for the future, demonstrated at the Orgatec 2008, HAVERKAMP also provides for comfortable acoustic levels at the workstation with the special MICROSORBER® film. This film, whose special micro-perforation reduces the refleced sound and the reverberation time in the room, can be applied for example in an office wing discreetly and almost invisible underneath the ceiling in order to absorb the sound.

The expertise from Münster with special flat glass films and variable sun protection systems enables solutions for almost all possible tasks at and inside an object – also for such tasks serving for decoration only. “Office of the future” – in Münster it is already realised.

HAVERKAMP at the Orgatec 2008: Hall 10.2, booth J-022

Writer: Matthias Cieslak | Silke Gärtner