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For three decades, HAVERKAMP GmbH has been known as an innovator in film technology and special-film finishing.

The globally active company located in the Westphalian city of Münster develops films for sun and UV-protection, anti-glare protection, blind films and anti-shatter films – both for private living quarters and for workstations and exhibition areas. HAVERKAMP has developed a complete range of different types of films and blinds types for almost any application. Film systems for special applications such as facade protection (e.g. anti-scratch and anti-graffiti films) and sound absorption films complete the comprehensive product range. In this process, the company combines the applicable statutory requirements with latest scientific findings, as well as state-of-the-art equipment technologies with modern architectural demands.

HAVERKAMP: Innovator in film technology and special-film finishing


For three decades, HAVERKAMP GmbH has been known as an innovator in film technology and special-film finishing.

HAVERKAMP special films protect against UV-radiation, undesired views from outside and the heat of the sun, as well as avoid dazzle effects at computer workstations and even protect against attacks and burglary. These permanent film solutions from HAVERKAMP’s OPALFILM® series with a wide range of different film types can be used for almost any window and any facade - regardless of the type of the window and the size of the glass surfaces. Furthermore, HAVERKAMP integrates its technically mature high-quality films into variable sun protection and anti-glare systems: blinds, vertical blinds, panel screens of the OPALVARIO® series. The expertise from Münster with both special function films and variable systems thus enables solutions for almost all conceivable tasks in and at an object. “With our systems, anti-glare and heat protection is no longer a visual protagonist of a facade, but has a purely functional aspect – exactly as architects require it”, emphasises Ulrich Haverkamp, Managing Director and founder of HAVERKAMP.
The striking feature of the HAVERKAMP film technology, approved by circles of experts is the fact that the company, practicing in-house research, is able to provide for virtually any combination of the required properties by means of one individual OPALFILM® film, for example invisible UV-protection, just as combined privacy, anti-glare and anti-shatter protection or combined sun, UV and anti-glare protection. The standard range of OPALFILM® includes more than 50 types of film in different colours, levels of reflection and light transmission.
HAVERKAMP special films are even available against attacks of vandalism such as scratch and graffiti attacks. Many stores, museums and also private households protect their valuables, goods and exhibits permanently, efficiently and at the same time without attracting attention – both against burglars, vandalism attacks and also against bleaching and excessive heat. “We attach importance to the fact that our systems adjust to the interior design of any room, whether at a workstation or at home, and thus are as unobtrusive as possible”, explains Bernward Altmeppen, Managing Director of HAVERKAMP GmbH.
The product range of HAVERKAMP also includes the sound-absorbing special film OPALMICROSORBER®. This can also be integrated to the variable sun protection and anti-glare systems and has a favourable effect to room acoustics. A special micro-perforation of the films reduces the sound reflection and the reverberation period in a room.

The protective films are installed by installation teams trained by HAVERKAMP. This is mostly done on-site without the need to remove the window panes. Thus it is ensured that the operational procedure is not unduly disturbed and there is no impairment of privacy. HAVERKAMP ensures the high competency of its carefully selected distribution and installation partners through in-house training at the company location in Münster.

One example from HAVERKAMP’s long reference list: the foil-specialist has realised a spectacular energy-saving project with E.ON Ruhrgas AG within a three-year development period. HAVERKAMP installed corresponding OPALFILM® films with an optimised scratch and weather-resistant surface finishing in order to ensure long-term durability.
With comparably low effort, the company from Münster did not only optimise the overall 1,600 m² of glass surface of the E.ON headquarters in Essen with regard to climate technology, but virtually conserved the visual appearance of the building whilst complying with the strict Health and Safety at Work Act and Computer Workstation Regulations. A result which attracted the attention of the building industry: the film saves a multiple of the energy used for its production. At the same time, the HAVERKAMP film protects against sun radiation without reducing daylight too much. The rooms should not get too dark even in the winter months. Furthermore the E.ON staff still has the opportunity to individually control the lighting conditions at their respective workstations through existing variable anti-glare systems in the form of vertical lamella blinds.

The HAVERKAMP group also includes the safety-technology department of HAVERKAMP, which implements sophisticated and efficient building shell and perimeter protection, as well as HAVERKAMP Zaun- und Toranlagen GmbH and the company GS Manufaktur, which specialises in the construction of windows and doors for historic and listed buildings, particularly in the integration of safety technology.

Writer: Matthias Cieslak | Silke Gärtner