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Premiere for the “Security Innovation Award“,

the first “Innovation Oscar“ of the security sector – and immediately a big success for the security-technology specialists from HAVERKAMP. “A highly motivating award and a new boost for our development work“, Bernhard Haverkamp gladly comments the award he was now able to accept as member of the board and “chief developer“ of HAVERKAMP at the beginning of the 2008“Security trade fair, the international guiding fair for security and fire protection in Essen. HAVERKAMP from the Westphalian city of Münster received the Gold Award “Security & Environment“ for its in-house development of the SolarGARD® alarm energy fence, which in addition can be used for energy collection.

HAVERKAMP greatly appreciates awarding of “Innovation Oscar” for SolarGARD® alarm energy fence


Premiere for the “Security Innovation Award“,

With this promising technologic innovation, the security-technology company HAVERKAMP would combine extremely reliable and almost precisely accurate detection technology with sustainable environmental technology, said the manufacturer-independent jury of eight experts of the “Security Innovation Award“.
At the time of awarding, corks were popping in the company headquarters in the Westphalian city of Münster, because the award winners had been a strictly confidential secret up until the awarding of the very first “Security Innovation Award” on the eve of the first official “Security 2008” trade fair day. Until this moment also the award winners themselves did not know anything about their ranking.
More than 70 companies had applied for this initial awarding of the „Security Innovation Award“. This year, for the first time in this form, the guiding fair for security and fire protection awarded trendsetting technologies and products. The awarding procedure was conducted by Mr. Klaus Reich, Director Trade Fairs and Exhibitions of Messe Essen GmbH.
HAVERKAMP, developing and globally installing technologies particularly in the scope of building shell and perimeter protection since 25 years, presents to the public for the first time its new and now awarded alarm energy fence at the current 2008 Security fair, which is open until this weeks Friday (10 October). The meander-shaped fence consists of a pressure-tight pipeline system with water or brine flowing through it. This rugged pipeline system is permanently monitored by pressure and flow sensors. These again will trigger an alarm only if the liquid flow in the pipelines is changing or the pressure drops – for example if the fence is cut through. “An extremely robust periphery detection system, because it can be mechanically strained like any conventional fence”, emphasises Bernhard Haverkamp. The additional function as energy fence: filled with frost-proof liquid, the SolarGARD® closed-circuit pressure-tight piping system collects the valuable energy both from the ambient air and direct heat from sun radiation and can transfer it to the vaporiser of a heat pump. Thus, SolarGARD® collects energy like a sun collector and uses it to heat up the brine system. The collected heat can be used for hot water supply or for heating purposes.

The expert jury of the “Security Innovation Award 2008“, who awarded to HAVERAMP the “Security Innovation Award 2008” for the in-house development of the SolarGARD® alarm fence:

- Ulrich Bogdahn, Head of the Essen City Fire Brigade, Essen
- Helmut Brückmann, chief editor “CD Sicherheitsmanagement und Polizei heute“, DFS-Verlag, Rodenbach
- Manfred Endt, BHE Member of the Executive Board, ME Sicherheitsberatung, Witten
- Hermann Feuerlein, Co-Director, Bundesverband unabhängiger deutscher Sicherheitsberater und -ingenieur e.V. (BdSl), ISMB GmbH Hermann Feuerlein & Partner, Troisdorf
- Peter Hohl, author and publisher, SecuMedia Verlag, Ingelheim
- Jürgen Mathies, Director, Zentrale Polizeiliche Dienste NRW, Duisburg
- Dipl.-Ing. Michael Schnell, Head of Training and Information, VdS Schadenverleihung GmbH, Köln
- Uwe Gerstenberg, Deutsches Forum für Kriminal-Prävention, Geschäftsführer Consulting Plus, Troisdorf

Writer: Matthias Cieslak | Silke Gärtner