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HAVERKAMP – the business division involved in security systems: From the company’s headquarters in the Westphalian city of Münster, HAVERKAMP has always set new boundaries when it comes to researching and producing its own innovations, particularly in the field of securing building exteriors and perimeters. HAVERKAMP designs and installs its security technology worldwide - either directly or through long-term trained partners. Highly effective yet unobtrusive security systems are the focus of the company and have been for over 25 years. The customer base includes individuals whose security is at risk, celebrities, politicians and business leaders, as well as large corporations, governments and authorities. Throughout the company’s history, medium-sized businesses, retailers and service companies have also come to rely on HAVERKAMP products and innovations.

HAVERKAMP: Specialists for sophisticated and highly effective security systems in global demand


Here’s just one of these innovations: The SolarGARD®, alarmenergy fence, a new type of security and alarm fence which can additionally be used to recover energy and for which HAVERKAMP was awarded the first “Security Innovation Award” at SECURITY 2008 trade fair.
Among other things, HAVERKAMP technology is involved in developing security concepts for the Foreign Office of the German government and the United Nations. Their systems protect peacekeepers such as the International Security Assistance Force in its global operations. Further extracts from the HAVERKAMP order book: In 2007, HAVERKAMP significantly deployed its technologies and concepts at the G8 summit in Heiligendamm. Commissioned by the Federal Criminal Police (BKA), HAVERKAMP’s international specialists secured the immediate area around the Kempinski Grand Hotel and the other G8 summit meeting places by means of a three kilometre fence equipped with advanced MicroGARD® digital fence sensors. A further task for HAVERKAMP was to provide technical security for the two helicopter landing sites.
Even celebrities belong to the company’s clientele, e.g. fashion designer Wolfgang Joop and the music producer, Dieter Bohlen, who turned to HAVERKAMP following the robbery attack on him in his villa in December 2006.
The diverse nature of the solutions created by the self-producing company (which also conducts its own research) is also demonstrated in a particularly large assignment that HAVERKAMP was involved in, a project that was both very special and very much in the public eye: For several years, the famous Museum of Visual Arts in Leipzig had to manage without the fronted glass facade which was planned by the architect. Time and time again, parts of the glass became cracked and presented a risk to passers by in the city centre of Leipzig. Finally, it was the HAVERKAMP solution which came to the rescue: Over several months, specialists from the company applied the initially liquid film OPALFILM® liquid film to approximately 16,000 glass sections with great precision. The spectacular museum in Leipzig has only been as it was actually planned since this work took place.
The series of HAVERKAMP products are matching and complementary. In addition, they can be combined with different components from other areas of security technology, e.g. electronic hazard alert systems. The level of complexity is freely selectable - from individually secured windows to comprehensive security concepts. HAVERKAMP specialists see themselves as ‘Security Architects’ who have integrated solutions in mind when it comes to security architecture. Integrated means taking everything into account - from securing outdoor terrain, securing windows and doors to safe havens (safe cells within a building). Another especially important fact: Since almost all products can be easily retrofitted, gradual implementation is also possible.
The high-security film PROFILON ® is one of the best known HAVERKAMP products and developments. In its different versions it is explosion-resistant, impact-resistant, provides splinter retention and reduces the spreading of fire. Here’s one of the latest further developments in security film technology: HAVERKAMP integrates patented Signals Defenses® technology in this series of high-security films and with the new PROFILON® SD special film, is in a position to stop electronic eavesdropping attacks where the assailant can listen in and has access to data. In addition, this technology also stops attacks with damaging electro-magnetic radiation.

In some areas of security HAVERKAMP becomes involved as a partner, together with renowned and recognized specialists from other technological disciplines. Here, technological alliances are created which aim to ensure optimum results. One example of this is the securing of large solar power plants: In order to safeguard units against theft, several technology partners, including HAVERKAMP, pool their particular fields of expertise to create an integrated concept.

HAVERKAMP also participates actively in knowledge transfer and increasingly gets international security experts, crime specialists and security consultants together at one table. Among other things, HAVERKAMP sets up regular security seminars and technology training events. In 2007 and 2008 HAVERKAMP also organized the international symposium ‘Explosions - Consequences and Protection’ with top speakers, including most recently the head of the Federal Criminal Police (BKA), Jörg Ziercke. A highlight of the event was the explosion of 100 kg TNT showing effectively how HAVERKAMP’s explosion-resistant products work in a live practical test.

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