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The German security and film technology specialist HAVERKAMP gets ready for electronic bugging and eavesdropping as well as attacks involving harmful electromagnetic radiation. A technical development which like a blow: HAVERKAMP integrates patented Signal Defenses® technology in its well-known series of high-security films PROFILON®. Result: Allowing light to pass through, the new PROFILON® SD offers substantial protection against radio frequencies (RF) as well as infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) rays and as such, now increases the effective 'all-round' protection of glass building exteriors against 'invisible' attacks.

PROFILON® SD from HAVERKAMP: New film protecting against bugging and data eavesdropping.


The transparent high-tech security window film PROFILON® SD blocks the transmission of wireless and other freely transmitted electronic data (e.g. from laptops, mobile phones and cordless phones) inside the building through the glass. Furthermore, the high-performance film dampens attempts to transmit high-frequency electromagnetic interference and protects people against harmful electromagnetic radiation. In addition, there is a bonus effect: As PROFILON® SD also blocks the infrared rays of the sun out to a large extent, this transparent, non-reflective special film increases heat insulation and provides not only protection against electronic eavesdropping, but also a high level of energy efficiency.

A unique product: PROFILON® SD is the fusion of patented SD technology with the established security systems of HAVERKAMP film technology which also provides protection against glass splinters (e.g. which occur as a result of explosions). With this latest development of special films, HAVERKAMP is focussing on the steady growth of wireless devices as a central theme, which, on the one hand, make data access and exchange more user-friendly, but, on the other, make it easier for eavesdroppers to steal the wireless signals transmitted by using simple bugging devices. As Ulrich Haverkamp, director of HAVERKAMP, stresses, "We know all too well the risks that are associated with wireless and open forms of communication which government institutions and companies are exposed to every day." It is important to bear something in mind: Almost all electronic devices transmit RF signals, as this is either their quintessential function, e.g. mobile phones or wireless microphones - or as technically unavoidable side-effect, e.g. computer monitors or hard drives. Regardless of whether the message is encrypted or not, a broad ‘open’ path is made available, upon which information can easily escape from the building and land in the hands of competitors and eavesdroppers.
The aim of the technology partnership between HAVERKAMP and the American specialist ASTIC Signals Defenses® is to block this growing risk of data theft, particularly for governments, large corporations and military institutions.

The innovative SD technology has been developed in close cooperation with the U.S. Department of Defense. In the USA, this technology has already established itself as a construction standard. To date, it has been installed in over 300 buildings belonging to various U.S. government agencies. Through its international dealer network, HAVERKAMP is now also making this established technology available in Europe. PROFILON® SD can be used as part of a retrofit or for new buildings and works just as well with laminated glass as it does with polycarbonate panes.