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HAVERKAMP at the “R & T 2009” trade fair, Stuttgart: At the R+T, the international trade fair for roller blinds, gates and sun protection, taking place from 10th to 14th February 2009, the company from Münster/Westphalia, a specialist in film technology and processing special films will be showing how effective protection und efficient security are in line with architectural aesthetics. In addition, HAVERKAMP will be exhibiting a wide range of upgradeable security systems at this fair, as well as special film solutions and sun protection systems. At the same time HAVERKAMP will apply itself entirely to the high aesthetic demands of architects, as well as to the equally high technical demands of professional craftsmen: With highly effective, yet unobtrusive protective and security film solutions for buildings.

HAVERKAMP’s focus at the “R+T 2009” trade fair: The aesthetics of function


At its stand 8E22 in hall 8 at the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre, HAVERKAMP will, among other things, be demonstrating the wide range of applications associated with its OPALFILM® series. The OPALFILM® films offer sun and UV protection, glare protection, privacy protection, splinter protection, feature anti-vandalism and decoration effects. All films are available in many different colors, and levels of reflection and light transmission. HAVERKAMP film technology is well acknowledged among experts; outstanding is, that the company runs its own production. Therefore, special productions even in relatively small production runs are feasible. In turn, this allows the company to develop products featuring virtually any combination of the properties which are required, e.g. a combination of both a sunscreen and a privacy screen, using a single OPALFILM® film. OPALFILM® films are PET films with a scratch resistant surface and, as such, they are easy to clean. They are available as both indoor and outdoor films.

In Stuttgart, HAVERKAMP will also be presenting its OPALVARIO® sun screen systems based on the technology developed by the OPALFILM® film. These systems are especially compact and fulfil their function unobtrusively. For this year’s R + T, the German film specialist from Münster has added two new variants to its OPALVARIO® Smart variable anti-glare system: An electric version with a micro-motor as well as a design featuring a counter-pull roller blind.
On the basis of its innovative film systems, HAVERKAMP also develops soundproofing systems which regulate room acoustics. In Stuttgart, HAVERKAMP will also be exhibiting the OPALMICROSORBER®, which can now be integrated as a PERGAMO variant in the OPALVARIO® panel screen system.

HAVERKAMP will set another trade fair focus on its developments relating to the technical retrofitting of glass in order to reliably secure facades with comparatively little time and effort − optically neutral and conforming to the current TRAV specifications. The company, which develops  its own solutions, will also be including the specially laminated protective film for facades PROFILON® FF, which holds the fractured glass together when glass facade sections are suddenly broken and thus prevents the glass from falling down.

Furthermore, as a particular solution for uneven and multi-dimensional glass surfaces, HAVERMAP will use the R+T 2009 to demonstrate the OPALFILM® liquid film, a lacquer which protects against shattered glass. Among other locations, this special solution is used at the Museum of Visual Arts in Leipzig.
Also in the R+T trade fair range, HAVERKAMP will showcase the PROFILON® AX A1 multi-layer, impact resistant security film. It protects glass surfaces in the case of smash and grab, vandalism and attacks with incendiary devices, and additionally features properties which allow it to resist the effects of explosions.

HAVERKAMP at R+T 2009, the international trade fair for roller blinds, gates and sun shades: Stand 8E22, Hall 8