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Efficiency and cost-saving potential of OPALFILM® ECOLUX films proven under real-life conditions.

Real-life test in Hotel Innside, Düsseldorf:


Perceptibly lower energy costs, reduced carbon emissions and less frequent use and maintenance of the air conditioning system: these are the results of the real-life test performed on HAVERKAMP OPALFILM® ECOLUX energy saving films. Several weeks of testing, organised by the HAVERKAMP group in cooperation with Hotel Innside in Düsseldorf, have shown that no or considerably less air conditioning usage is required to reach the desired temperature with HAVERKAMP OPALFILM® ECOLUX energy saving films installed.
This extensive test is a novelty. It is the first test to prove the efficiency and cost-saving potential of OPALFILM® ECOLUX energy saving films so far.

The Hotel Innside in Düsseldorf was looking for a way to contain increasing energy costs and to reduce operating costs. Therefore, the sun- and climate-protection experts from Münster/Westphalia arranged this comparative test.
During the planning and construction phases of a building, climate- and sun-protection aspects are often being neglected even though they are crucial in terms of energy efficiency and consumption. Retrofit solutions are available but frequently shunned because of the costs involved. The investment, however, would be a profitable one, as shown by the example of this real-life test.

The Test in Detail:

In order to demonstrate the potential of the climate protection films and to prove their efficiency, three hotel rooms were selected for the test. Two rooms were equipped with different types of climate protection films. Over a period of several months, temperatures were monitored, measured and registered around the clock.

The windows of one room remained as they were, without a film installed. The windows of another room were equipped with an OPALFILM® ECOLUX energy saving film tailored to the hotel’s needs and not altering the building’s appearance. An OPALFILM® ECOLUX energy saving film with a low g-value was installed onto the windows of a third room. The air conditioning system of each room was set to maintain a specified temperature.

The results of the test prove that OPALFILM® films influence the temperature in a room decisively. They help to reduce the cooling load the air conditioning system has to deal with and to save energy.

“We were convinced by the results”, says hotel manager Thomas Krause. “The desired room temperature is reached with considerably less energy input. Beyond that, we were convinced by the optical qualities of this solution, as it is virtually invisible on the façade of our building. Our investment has paid back after a short period of time. An unused room remains cooler and in certain temperature ranges it doesn’t have to be cooled down before usage. This means a substantial cost-saving.”