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International research institute confirms energy-saving potential of HAVERKAMP roller blind systems. Energy-saving of up to 20%.

Clever solution to reduce energy consumption


Münster/Rosenheim, November 2010

Meanwhile it is known: windows and window walls waste a lot of energy and their cost factor should not be underestimated. Especially in winter there might be a certain loss of heat via the glass resulting in high energy costs for the residents as well as environmentally harmful CO2 emissions. Last winter season, heating costs increased by an average of 11%.

Exchange or renewal of windows or their glass very often involves high investment costs. Therefore, the industry is searching for intelligent and cost-effective solutions to reduce the energy consumption and thereby the heating costs – especially in winter.

Roller blind system OPALVARIO® Smart certified as energy saver by an independent research institute.

HAVERKAMP, specialist for film technology and sun protection, now offers its customers a clever and attractive solution meanwhile confirmed by the independent international scientific institute
ift Rosenheim.

HAVERKAMP roller blind systems improve the energy balance of windows with a standard insulation value of 1,1 by up to 20%. By using the OPALVARIO® Smart roller blind the heat transition coefficient (Ug-value) could be improved from 1,1 to 0,9 according to the ift scientists’ report. Older windows with a lower Ug-value achieve an even higher improvement. HAVERKAMP achieves these values in particular by using aluminium vaporized special films with different embossing versions optimized in their continuous product development.

The company’s variable roller blind systems are proven to be well suited to avoid an expensive exchange of windows or window walls and to save energy and money at the same time.

The good insulation value is achieved by the fact that during the day sunlight can warm up the room with roller blind system open and at night the roller blind system closed saves the residual heat in the room. By means of intelligent control components of HAVERKAMP’s cooperation partner Somfy the energy saving effect can be improved as these systems make sure that the roller blind system closes early at night.

In summer the insulation value can be reversed: Due to the special high-end-developed film with high technical sun protection values, the roller blind systems serve as very good sun, heat and glare protection in the warm season.

Another credit point: energy saving and design-oriented interior fittings.
OPALVARIO® roller blind systems are available in different sizes, design variants and colors. Apart from the high functionality the systems offer a high level of interior design possibilities at the same time: effective energy saving, still allowing creative interior design opportunities.

The ift Rosenheim

The ift Rosenheim, that tested the HAVERKAMP roller blind systems for their energy efficiency, is an international scientific service provider for manufacturers of windows, façades, glass, doors, gates as well as accessories for all these parts. The ift tests the fitness for use of construction elements by executing window, glass, façade or construction material tests. As research institute and notified authority, the ift is entitled to issue the necessary test certificates for the CE conformity marking or construction inspection certificates. (