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2007, far away from the detonation of the bomb in the gov-ernment district , HAVERKAMP associate Mil Sec installed 15.000 square meters of security film PROFILON® ER1 on the windows of many government buildings in Oslo. Thanks to the explosion resistant high security films, the life- threatening splintering in the densely built-up govern-ment district had been demonstrably reduced and there-fore a much bigger catastrophe have been avoided.

Security films reduce the impacts of the bomb explosion in Oslo


A brief review: on the afternoon of July 22, 2011 an enormous car bomb explosion destroyed the government district in Oslo almost completely. Eight people were killed, ten others were badly injured. The explosion took place between the oil and energy ministry and a 17 floor high-rise, in which several ministries and also the office of Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg were housed. In a VW crafter-pick-up truck a bomb on the basis of 950 kilogram ANFO detonated.

The world mainly looked on the massive destruction in the capital: black smoke rose from the building complexes, the floor roof of the oil and energy ministry was burning, the huge house district has since become a ruin. The blast wave destroyed building facades within a radius of one kilometer. There were debris on the streets around the site of the attack.

The United Nations Security Council condemned the attacks in Norway. In a joined statement on July 23, 2001, 15 Council mem-bers raised their voices against the attacks. “All terrorist acts are criminal and inexcusable whatever their motivation is “, the state-ment said.

Nevertheless, bomb attacks and bombings have become a daily threat. Around 60 attacks against institutions and groups of people are counted globally in times of peace since 1983. Many innocent people lost their lives. In addition there are property damages caused by the pressure wave, usually within the building. A 100% protection in the event of a bomb attack is not possible, however, at least a reduction of the impact is.

PROFILON® ER1 mitigated effects of the explosion

Therefore, between 2007 and late 2010, the Norwegian com-pany Mil Sec, exclusive commercial partner of HAVERKAMP in Norway, installed approximately 15,000 square meters of security film PROFILON® ER1 on the windows of government buildings in the center of Oslo on behalf of the Norwegian government.

A preventive measure which saved the lives of many people in the vicinity of the attack of July 22, 2011.

The reason: with PROFILON® ER1 HAVERKAMP has devel-oped a blast resistant security film for the retrofitting of simple glass surfaces, because glass surfaces have the least physical resistance of the building facade. In case of a bomb attack the individual glass splinters can turn into sharp- edged projectiles of up to 10,000 m/sec. – depending on the type and quantity of the explosive and the distance to the building - the cause of 80% of all fatal injuries.
PROFILON® ER1 is specifically designed to avoid these dan-gerous fragments respectively to reduce them. This is possible because of a special fiber structure of the 4-layer cold laminated security film which is so far the only film which has successfully passed the shock tube test according to DIN EN 13541 ER 1 (NS). In this endurance test the German Fraunhofer Institute for short- term dynamics, Ernst- Mach- Institute (EMI), simulates a realistic explosion at a shock tube. This is comparable to the explosion of an explosive device in a major city with dense, high construction where buildings in the vicinity reflect the blast wave again and again – as it was in Oslo. By the relatively long duration of the pressure wave - at least 21 ms – the security films are exposed to extremely high stress. The hardness test shows that the security film PROFILON ® ER1 demonstrably binds dangerous glass splinters and remains in the window frame by means of a bonding to the frame.

PROFILON® ER1 is the world´s only security film, which has passed this test and thus has blast-resistant properties. In Oslo, the security film PROFILON® ER1 proved its reliability.

„For all the consternation about the attack, we at HAVERKAMP are both relieved and deservedly proud to have prevented an even larger catastrophe. Oslo itself recognizably talks about the fact that many people owe their lives and health to the de-fense effect of this security film” says Ulrich Haverkamp, founder and CEO of the eponymous company.

The pictures from the Norwegian capital speak for themselves: Indeed some window frames were blown out of the reveals by the force of the explosion, but the film kept the glass fragments together and prevented the fatal splinters flying around.

PROFILON® ER1 security films are now commonly used worldwide for buildings being particularly endangered by at-tacks. The multi- ply film laminate having a thickness of 475 μ is installed on the inside of the window pane and extremely stable connected to the window frame by a special bonding. The highly specialized technology of PROFILON® ER1 additional provides impact resistance, is flame retardant and reduces fire spreading.

High lucidity and transparency of PROFILON® ER1 provide virtually invisible protection - this will also particularly please prominent architects designing spectacular façades in the ar-ea. The special hardened durable surface is extremely scratch resistant and can be easily cleaned with conventional deter-gents.