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HAVERKAMP’S contribution to security optimisation at Frankfurt Airport a great success



Frankfurt/Munster, september 2012

Frankfurt Airport is Germany’s biggest and most important air traffic hub. It handles over 160,000 passengers and nearly 6,000 metric tons of freight every day and continues to expand. As such, it is a vital component of the global economic network. The airport has increased its capacity, both in response to forecasts of future volume and to ensure that it remains internationally competitive. The new runway was completed nine months ago and is regarded as a highly prestigious project for the city. Providing the right level of protection for the new perimeter area was of course also a major issue.

The perimeter was extended by a further 11 kilometres to accommodate the new runway. There is always a potential risk that unauthorised persons may attempt to gain access to the runways or to other sensitive parts of the airport via the perimeter area. Against a background of terrorist and other threats reflecting the global political situation, perimeter security has to be 100 per cent reliable in large-scale projects of this kind. It is a question of providing the very best protection for both people and commercial goods. At the same time, it is important to give proper consideration to local factors such as flora and fauna in order to avoid costly false alarms.

HAVERKAMP perimeter fencing system tested by FRAPORT AG: ‘Perfectly suited to large-scale projects’

The task of securing the airport’s perimeter area is therefore an extremely important one. This cannot be achieved with over-the-counter systems. Major projects such as this require modern, integrated security solutions with cutting-edge technology. In their recommendation to FRAPORT AG, which operates the airport, HAVERKAMP’s security experts suggested WaveGARD®, a newly developed product that is the world’s first high-performance alarm fence to be made largely of aluminium. Thanks to its lightweight, heat- and corrosion-proof construction and its extremely reliable detection technology, it is perfectly suited for use as a perimeter security fence at airports and large industrial sites. Furthermore, its modular structure provides great flexibility when positioning the fence. WaveGARD’s purist design is the ideal match for modern, design-conscious industrial construction. The technology can detect precisely at which point on the fence a section may have been breached. The periphery detection system can be integrated into the top-level HAVERKAMP management system or be deployed as a standalone system.

FRAPORT AG selected the new product from HAVERKAMP after a year of intensive testing and field trials by the airport operator’s security planning division covering all the video and fence detection systems for the new airport zone. This involved testing the video and fencing systems under realistic conditions in a selected area of the airport security zone, the aim being to develop an objective comparison of all the potentially suitable video and fencing systems currently on the market. All products were tested under the same conditions and the results analysed. ‘It is very important to us that the systems are able to function smoothly and without disruption under different environmental conditions,’ explains Erich Keil, Head of Corporate Security at FRAPORT AG. ‘We found that neither optical nor sensor-based alarm technologies were able to match the results we obtained with WaveGARD®.’

‘After nine months in operation, we are confident that HAVERKAMP’s fencing system is completely reliable. The current total of false alarms is zero. For us, that was the critical factor in our decision to choose WaveGARD®.’

Total cost of ownership: investing to reduce operating costs

The high-tech fencing system also makes good business sense. Erich Keil again: ‘Thanks to the features I’ve mentioned and its tremendous reliability in terms of real-case alarms, we have been able to go ahead with a planned reduction in security personnel.’ There are simply no false alarms, so the system can offer tremendous benefits, especially given the debate over minimum wages and the lack of qualified security personnel. It is less prone to disruption, which means fast restarts and shorter downtimes. Furthermore, it completely does away with all the costs of patrolling after a false alarm. ‘We’d certainly be happy to recommend this system for use in the airport environment,’ concludes Keil.

HAVERKAMP at Security 2012 in Essen

HAVERKAMP will be presenting WaveGARD® and other high-performance products to an international audience at the Security 2012 trade fair in Essen between 25 and 28 September. Security 2012 has a global profile and is regarded in the industry as a driver for innovation and a meeting place for security experts from all over the world. HAVERKAMP can be found at Stand 101 in Hall GA (GALERIA, at the entrance to Hall 3).