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18.10.2017 – 08.11.2017

HAVERKAMP and Zentrale Autoglas make joint presentation at the BUSWORLD in Belgium

Extremely high occupant protection and installation service from a singe source

First worldwide cooperation for increased bus safety


Security company HAVERKAMP and the bus window specialists at Zentrale Autoglas present a new cooperation conceived to increase the security of buses, at this year’s BUSWORLD 2017 fair, which is being held on 20-25 October in Kortrijk (Belgium). Beneath the slogan of ‘Two Professionals - One Service’, the two companies now offer a service package for bus operators and bus manufacturers.

HAVERKAMP’s role in the cooperation is to develop high-grade security bus windows with what is currently the strongest vehicle security film, PROFILON® P3A. This was developed by the company as a multi-layer security film to secure bus windows from thrown projectiles, explosive attacks and Molotov cocktails. This leads to an extreme increase in occupant protection. The coated glass attains resistance class P3A pursuant DIN EN 356 and ER1 in blast resistance. This high security class is so far unique on the market.

“This film is therefore also highly suitable for emergency vehicles operated by fire services, technical relief organisations, police forces and buses in scheduled services,” explains Ulrich Haverkamp, developer of the film and owner of the HAVERKAMP company.

ABG certification and test certificates available

German ABG certification and test certificates are naturally available. HAVERKAMP is also able to furnish relevant approval of the film’s suitability for emergency exit windows.

The special security film is installed exclusively by industrial means at the HAVERKAMP factory under cleanroom conditions and by specially trained installation technicians. “For this purpose, the windows are removed and sent to us, after which the film coating is promptly applied to allow the windows to be directly reinstalled,” says Haverkamp.

Two professionals - One service

The specialists at Zentrale Autoglas are responsible for dismantling and reinstalling the windows. With their many years of experience as installation experts for bus windows, the company from Melle now cooperates directly with HAVERKAMP. The bus windows are first removed in the Zentrale Autoglas halls and then replaced following completion of the film coating process – quickly and professionally.

Low downtimes - highest possible occupant protection

“This cooperation allows us to guarantee our customers a great many benefits,” says Helge Prigge of Zentrale Autoglas. “Low downtimes, rapid reinstallation, an extremely high level of occupant protection, and all from the same source.

The two companies now jointly present their new concept at the BUSWORLD in Kortrijk for the first time. Employees will be manning the joint stand in Hall 9, Stand 45.