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Aluminium alarm fence made by the security experts from Münster wins through once again following an international tender

The security experts from HAVERKAMP in Münster have been awarded the follow-up contract to provide perimeter protection for a further part of Frankfurt airport. In an order worth several million euros, a section of the airport’s perimeter with a total length of around six kilometres will be protected by one of the most modern and effective aluminium security fences in the world.

HAVERKAMP receives follow-up order to provide perimeter security at Frankfurt airport


FRAPORT AG, the operator of Germany’s largest airport, is renewing the perimeter around Runway 18 West. The existing concrete fence will be demolished and replaced by the AluGARD®alarm fence system developed by HAVERKAMP.

“We are delighted with the faith and trust that has been shown for our products and our work. At the same time, this follow-up order serves to confirm to us that we are moving in the right direction with our ongoing product developments,” says Ulrich Haverkamp, managing director of the HAVERKAMP company.

A good six years ago, HAVERKAMP completed its first project for Frankfurt airport, after the North West Landing Runway was extended. It was only after a complex sequence of tenders and comparative tests with other alarm fences that the order was finally awarded to HAVERKAMP for its AluGARD® system. Since then, a total of 11 kilometres of aluminium fencing have been in place, providing protection for all take-offs and landings on the North West runways.

“We can thoroughly recommend this system for use in any airport environment.”

Only a short time after the first building phase became operational, Erich Keil of FRAPORT’s airport security concluded: “We can thoroughly recommend this system for use in any airport environment.”

Order received following international call for tenders

As a result of the consistently positive experience made by FRAPORT AG with this system, it was again favoured for the current construction phase. HAVERKAMP was awarded the order following an international call for tenders.

The system: Alarm fence made of aluminium - virtually free of false alarms

AluGARD® is an alarm fence system designed with a modular construction. It is made completely of aluminium, which means it is of extremely high resistance and durability. The system can be augmented by a wide range of climbover detection and tunnelling protection technologies. It is virtually free of false alarms, and displays extremely high alarm reliability in the event of an actual attempt to penetrate the perimeter.

The base structure of the AluGARD® system consists of aluminium posts of a range of sizes and diameters, with plug-on modules for quiescent current monitored climbover detection with top Y-beams, as well as climbover detection based on IR, laser, LWL and video sensor systems, and LED lighting modules. The modular construction enables great flexibility in the fence’s orientation, and it can be made to fit ideally into any environment.